Senaste inläggen

5 X favourites

‘Find the beauty in everyday.’


My 5 favourites at the moment:

  1. Turmeric – I’m obsessed with this anti inflammatory spice. I usually mix it with warm almond milk, cinnamon, black pepper, honey and coconut oil. I try to enjoy at least one cup a day. So heartwarming and comforting.
  2. Plyometrics – I’m all about those short & sweet intensive workouts; body weight plyometric exercises or interval training on the treadmill for both strength and speed. Box jumps, squat jumps, jumping lunges, burpees to mention a few exercises.
  3. Mádara skin care products – I found a new vegan beauty brand and I’m in love. Their products are awesome and cruelty free. One of my favourite products is the Radiant Energy Organic Facial oil. It’s a radiance-boosting concentrate of 9 rare and precious dry oils. With ingredients such as Blueberry, Cloudberry, Cranberry, Blackberry, Black Cumin, Parsley, Pumpkin, Borage and Golden Jojoba seed oils it gives the skin a luxurious youthful glow. My skin loves it!
  4. Stretching – The best way to begin or end the day. My body is so very thankful for the hours I spend stretching my muscles. I strongly believe you can stretch yourself young (or more or less maintain youthful flexibility).
  5. Writing – Writing is my favourite form of expression. I speak so much better when I’m silent. Writing gives me the opportunity to express a wide range of feelings. It’s pure relaxation; the perfect way to unwind after a stressful day.

Random Monday Thoughts

‘Late evenings in August are for dark, dark chocolate, creative thoughts, thunderstorms and sunsets.’


This summer passed by so quickly. Even though it’s still a couple of weeks left we are moving towards autumn. These past months have been dedicated to work, work, work. I feel that a holiday would be much appreciated. Usually I’m not a fan of the autumn, but at the moment I must say that I rather look forward to a more ”normal” routine; more time for things that I actually enjoy doing (such as blogging, recipe testing, writing…) more time for planning and goal setting, more time for gaining further knowledge, more time for designing a future that will help me become more fulfilled. Simply more time. Although I feel rather drained at the moment I have confidence that everything will fall into place, eventually.

You came with the wind, dear summer. Late. You came late. The air humid and remarkably heavy. The breeze so pleasant it blows away our worries. You have beautiful intentions, yet unreliable features. Darling summer! I noticed you came bearing gifts. There will never be too much hope, prosperity and laughter. Please feed us plenty. Please, stay until Christmas. And promise, don’t let the wind blow you away. Anyways, fall will eventually come. But it’s not her time yet, darling summer. It’s your time to shine. 

And in the middle of my chaos there was you

‘She was the first day of summer, chocolate cake, fireworks and birthday wishes.’



‘Her thoughts on a piece of paper and his vulnerable soul in the empty bed, gasping for air underneath messy sheets. Early morning fog brings peace to his heart. Her mere existence is what keeps him alive. Soft raindrops against the window make him slowly feel at ease. The intensity of her gaze, and he knows, her thoughts are real.’

Dear August…

… you’re beautiful from day one.

‘The now is wow.’



August, I can’t believe you’re here already. Just as with June, I didn’t have the time to say goodbye to July. She was too cold, yet filled with laughter. Please, be warmer. Please be forever. The last month of summer and it’s still June in my heart. But one thing I know, you will be filled with love, dear August. 

August is for chasing dreams. Catching stars. Peaceful, dark summer nights. August is for late evening swims, for enjoying the calmness of the sea. Home made bread and fresh blueberries. August is for creativity. An imagination deeper than ever. The dark, dark sky filled with stars. August is for believing in the power of nature. The power of humanity. August is for humid days and foggy nights. For being in the present moment, appreciating every second. August is for beautiful souls searching for inner peace. Inner light. August is for kindness. August is for curiosity and being brave.

‘The earth has music for those who listen.’

– Shakespere

This August is all about learning. Reading literature and writing poetry. It’s about spending time in nature. Feeling alive. Practising yoga and feeding the heart. It’s about grabbing opportunities. It’s about beautiful souls and inspiring people. Getting one step closer. It’s about joy. For being in the moment.

August, I welcome you. You’re one of my favourite months. Let us make memories.

If you listen to your body when it whispers, you wont have to hear it scream

‘Do something today that your future self will thank you for.’


Two of my biggest passions in life are health & nutrition. I’m especially intrigued by the enormous power and impact food has over the human mind and body. We can either become addicted to certain foods, we might use food as a stimuli; for example we might turn to food when we’re bored, when we’re sad, when we’re stressed OR food can have a positive impact on our health and thereby help to prevent many chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, obesity, cardiovascular disease, depression, to mention a few. 

Eating healthy is a form of self-respect

Awareness is key when it comes to a healthy mindset and a healthy body. As well as the importance of making better choices. Healthier choices. No one is perfect, and of course one is entitled to indulge every now and then (what would life be without indulgence!?) However, you should always bare in mind that eating healthy is a form of self-respect. You can’t control everything in your life, but you can control what you put into your body and you can control your thoughts.

A willingness to change

When it comes to nutrition I strongly believe that one is never fully learned – it’s important to constantly read about the subject to keep up to date with new scientific research. Moreover, it’s vital that we view information about nutrition and health crictically, especially the massive information we obtain from the internet and magazines (with a degree in journalism I know how important this is, especially in the Digital Age of today). There’s an overflow of information, a lot of which should be taken with a grain of salt –Critical thinking is key. Health should be regarded as a lifestyle. I don’t believe in fad diets and quick fixes – you wont become healthy overnight, since a healthy lifestyle requires consistency, knowledge, awareness and most important a willingness to change. Although acchieving optimal health migh seem unattainable at times it’s far from impossible, in fact it’s rather easy – you just need to have a desire to change. Every step counts.

Stop comparing yourself

We are all different, with different needs. Therefore it’s necessary that we stop comparing ourselves to others. Listen to your unique body; what does it need? Be aware of how the mind & body cooperate. ‘Our minds and emotions play a crictical role in our health – good health depends on a balance of mind, body and environment.’ (Hippocrates) I myself strongly believe in following more of a plant based diet, not only for myself but for the planet and the animals. However, that doesn’t mean I would force it upon everyone else (although cutting down on red meat & dairy products and eating more fruit/ & veggies, starchy vegetables and legumes is beneficial to all of us). Instead you need to choose a diet and lifestyle that you feel comfortable with; a lifestyle that is accessible and easy to maintain. I can’t stress this enough – health is a lifestyle.

Nutrition advisor

Today I’m giving myself a pat on the back since I successfully completed a course in nutrition from the online education provider Shaw Academy; Advanced Diploma in Principles of Nutrition. The course, which takes 12 weeks to complete, is rather comprehensive, and the course provides the student with a great deal of information. The course is internationally approved. Important to point out is that I’m far from an expert after completing the course. I’m by no means a certified nutritionist or dietitian – a better term would be nutrition advisor. Nonetheless, after completing the course I gained plenty of new knowledge and skills within nutrition, and I feel more confident both talking and writing about the subject. Since I’m eager to learn more – always chasing more knowledge – I’m already looking for other courses in nutrition.

The Advanced Course in Principles of Nutrition consist of three modules, each four weeks long; Special Diets, Diet & Disease and Life cycle. During the special diets semester topics such as digestive disorders, food allergy and intolerance, treating nutritional deficiencies and vegetarian & raw food diets were addressed. The diet & disease semester covered topics such as eating disorders & mental health, diets to treat diabetes & obesity, diet & cancer and how to deliver effective nutritional advice. The last semester contained topics related to the life cycle – optimum nutrition for mother and baby, nutrition for children, nutrition for teenagers and optimizing nutrition as we age.


5 benefits from drinking green smoothies

‘Let’s wake up with a smile, make green smoothies and conquer the day.’


Whenever I’m at home I try to have a green smoothie as the first meal of the day. I’ve become slightly addicted to them as they provide me with so much energy. And of course they taste delicious. However, I like my green smoothies to be more on the sweet side, hence I always mix frozen banana or frozen mango into the blender. Not to forget the almond butter or peanut butter.

The best thing is – you can be creative and improvise. Combine your favourite veggies and/or fruits, some kind of superfood and spices, nuts & seeds, dairy free milk of your own choice and you have yourself a delicious meal. I also prefer cold smoothies so I usually add frozen banana. Amazingly yummy.

  1. More energy – Smoothies can be very energy dense, providing your body with loads of healthy stuff. Perfect if you’re searching for a calorie dense meal – add some kind of nut butter (almond butter is great!) or why not add oat flakes for a thicker smoothie. However, if you want to keep you’re calories down make sure you stay away from the ready made ones you find in the supermarket or coffee shops, since they often contains loads of sugar.
  2. Glowing skin – If you add spices such as cinnamon and turmeric or superfoods such as spirulina and wheatgrass you will start to glow – from the inside out. Beauty food at its best ❤
  3. Vitamins & Minerals – Add green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, romaine lettuce or boost your immune system with superfoods such as wheatgrass, spirulina, chlorella and maca for essential vitamins and minerals.
  4. Easy to make & they taste delicious – Just throw all the ingredients into your blender and mix for a couple of minutes until smooth and creamy. Easy peasy. And yes, they are delicious especially if you add spices such as vanilla, cinnamon and nut butter. Yum!
  5. Fiber ❤ – Fiber is important for a healthy gut. However, it can be tricky to get all the fiber in. When making smoothies you can add quite a lot of spinach and kale (or even broccoli!) without even tasting it. Perfect when wanting to feed the kiddies with some greens 😉

Below you find three of my favourite smoothies:

Spirulina Dream

Greenlicious Smoothie

Green Smoothie Bowl 

Rainy days

‘I just wanna stay up all nigth, write poetry and watch the stars.’


‘She is an introvert who loves to connect with people. She is a morning person who loves staying up late. She is a heavy coffee drinker who loves detoxing her body with healthy foods. She is a yoga lover who loves a sweaty boxing session. She may not say much, but her mind is constantly chatting. She is a little bit of everything, although she sometimes feels like nothing. Always carrying her soul close to her heart. The heart – her most valuable asset. You damage her heart, you damage her entire being.’

You gotta nourish to flourish

‘Don’t be eye candy, be soulfood.’

On Sundays we rest. Breathe deeper and stay in bed until noon. We take long walks while enjoying warm raindrops and dark grey sky. Drink plenty of tea and read old books. And we laugh. We laugh a lot.

Dear life, some days I don’t bother taking you seriously. Cause if I did I would lose my mind.’ 



Beautiful minds inspire others

”Follow your soul. It knows the way.”


Feeding my soul with peanut butter, medjool dates, yin yoga, strawberries, coffee, boxing, power walks, early mornings, writing, red lipstick, granola, books, music, nature, hopes & dreams, sunlight, Skype calls, fresh flowers, stretching, quick but intense workouts, silence, greens, sweet potato, food (obviously), shopping, more music, more coffee (I know! I need to stop drinking that stuff, but I’m healthy despite all the coffee. I swear) bike rides, water, studying nutrition, improving my english and getting plenty of sleep.

Yes, I’m definitely ready for work in a couple of days.

Summer evenings…

… you’re pure magic.

”To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people just exist”

– Oscar Wilde

Sundays are for dark nights. Sunset, warm bed sheets and messy hair. The cold, fresh air passes through the open window, kissing the soul. Feeding it hope. Despite the rain it’s still a new night. A new night to catch dreams. To wish upon a star. Remember to dream big. Nevertheless, it’s the night time – everything is possible with a little bit of faith and a good night’s sleep.

I’m grateful for the sunlight kissing my skin. For raindrops. For practising yoga and stretching out every inch of my body, getting more flexible every day. I’m grateful for every book that I’ve been reading. For the music. For the vegan coconut mint-chocolate ice cream (oh, that was a long name). I’m grateful for my bike. For the first swim of the summer. For ending every workout session with boxing. I’m grateful for writing about everything and nothing. For being able to breathe lightly, feeling the pressure leaving my shoulders.

I’m grateful for a beautiful weekend. For taking care of myself. For my body. I’m grateful for the food I’ve been eating. For spirulina, for coffee. I’m grateful for wonderful memories. For many more to come. For trusting life. I’m grateful for finally starting to practise what I preach. For enjoying my own company. For all the loving people in this world. I’m grateful for understanding exactly which dogs I need in my life. For the happiness. For the love, and for the joy. I’m grateful for every second I’ll get to spend on this planet. Enjoying the sea, the wind, the sun and the moon. I’m grateful for the power, bigger than I could have ever imagined.