Senaste inläggen

Breathing in the crisp air

‘When seeking pure awareness the best thing one can do is to silently witness the beauty of nature. How effortlessly she’s unfolding her treasures. So transparent, yet so forceful. Copy her, and let yourself be amazed.’




The best thing one can do to relax and unwind is to spend some precious time close to nature. Especially those days when she’s picture perfect, taken straight from a fairy tale; Crispy autumn breeze, colourful leaves and the October sun caressing our souls.

Whenever I’m in doubt, or in need of some motivation & inspiration, I usually go for a walk and breath in the nature. It works wonders, every time. She’s magic, no doubt.

After a 90 minutes walk I’ve been sipping on a large, green smoothie, cleaning out my closet, editing pictures, writing, and thinking about going to the gym. Weekends like these, when October is spoiling us with her kindness, I’m very grateful for crispy, sunny autumn days.


You’re not here,

but that’s simply because you’re in my heart.

I saved a warm and sacred place for you.

I can feel your heartbeat,

like a whisper in the wind

dancing along my every footsteps.

One, two, three,

one, two, three.

I never stop counting,

never stop believing.

Four, five, six,

seven, eight, nine.

Dancing with my heartbeat,

stepping on my toes.





What I learned working in Customer Service

‘A simple act of kindness costs very little, but the dividend is remarkably powerful.’




Most of my adult years I’ve been working in customer service, either as a full-time job or as a part-time job while studying. You might not expect a slightly introverted person to be working in customer service, but besides being more of an introvert I’m very kind-hearted, and I don’t mind helping people. In other words; I thrive off being able to help others. Even though some of the jobs drove me a bit crazy at times I wouldn’t be the person I am today if it weren’t for all the experiences I’ve gained.

In my opinion working in customer service is a wonderful life lesson. It’s a perfect way to learn more about human beings and the way we behave in different situations. With that said, I’ve gathered some of the most important things I’ve learned after many years of serving people.

Don’t take anything personally 

What a person says to you says more about the person than it says about you. Don’t take anything personally. Nothing other people do or say is because of you, it’s because of themselves. Don Miguel Ruiz explains it very well in his book The Four Agreements;

‘Whatever people do, feel, think, or say, don’t take it personally. If they tell you how wonderful you are, they are not saying that because of you. You know you are wonderful. It’s not necessary to believe other people who tell you that you are wonderful. Don’t take anything personally. Even if someone got a gun and shot you in the head, it was nothing personal. Even at that extreme…..


As you make a habit of not taking anything personally, you won’t need to place your trust in what others do or say. You will only need to trust yourself to make responsible choices. You are never responsible for the actions of others; you are only responsible for you. When you truly understand this, and refuse to take things personally, you can hardly be hurt by the careless comments or actions of others.’

– Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements

Be kind and treat everyone with respect

We are all humans, trying to make the best out of the short time we have on this earth. You don’t know what the person in front of you have been going through, or what obstacles he or she is facing at the moment. Be kind, always be kind, and treat everyone with respect. In the end we are all humans, as simple or complicated as that might be.

Listen when someone is talking to you

If someone is talking to you – listen (But don’t take anything personally) Focus on the person in front of you, be present. The real life communication is oh so important in this digital world. Sometimes people just want to talk to someone; express their feelings, concerns, happiness, whatever. Let them feel noticed.

Keep calm in stressful situations

Nothing good will come out of stress. Still, every now and then a healthy amount of stress might be good for every one of us, BUT stressing over things you can’t control is definitely not healthy. If you’re facing a challenge or a problem, and there’s nothing you can do about it at this particular moment – let it go. Don’t overthink, don’t overanalyse, just let it go. If you stop stressing over it, after a while you might come up with new ideas how to solve the problem; Usually this occurs when you least expect it, at times when you’re calm and at peace.

Patience is key

To understand the importance of being patient – In all aspects of life. Sometimes things don’t happen as quickly as you hoped for. Don’t stress. Take a breather. Do your best and work hard. If you always strive to do your best things will eventually fall into place.

Not everyone will be nice to you

We are humans, and humans have bad days every now and then. Usually people working in customer service experience other people’s bad days, some more often than others. However – be nice. Strive to always have a positive attitude towards every situation, and every person you meet. Life will become much easier. In the best case scenario you might turn someone’s bad day around. Watching a person leave with a big, fat smile on his/her face will most probably even make your day.


Having said that, these are things I will always carry with me. Working in customer service is not my only purpose in life, nevertheless, I’m grateful for all that it has thought me. Everything we do in life matters. Although you might not have nailed your dream job yet, everything you’ve done, and everything you’ll do, will bring you one step closer. Trust the process. Trust yourself.

❤ Linda

On weekends we rest

‘Don’t ask yourself what the world needs – ask yourself what makes you come alive, and then go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.’

– Howard Thurman


On weekends we rest our souls, breathe in the crisp air while taking long walks, wear fuzzy socks and read forgotten books. We let ourselves come alive. We let ourselves unwind and recharge. Welcoming the new week with enthusiasm. 

The importance of taking time out; Figuring out what makes you thrive, what makes you come alive. We need these days – days dedicated to ourselves, our wishes, and needs. It’s not selfish, it’s essential for a fulfilling life, for fulfilling relationships.

Important questions to ask oneself:

  • What makes me come alive?
  • When am I completely relaxed, completely content?
  • When I was a child, what did I do just because I loved it?

When your cup is full, in other words, when you’re happy & content with what you’re doing, and when you allow yourself to do the things you enjoy doing – you’re more open to give to the people around you, and to do your best at work/in school; You generally do much better in all parts of your life. Don’t fail to look after yourself, your desires. Don’t forget to find happiness and accepting who you are, and where you are at this very moment. Because, it’s exactly where you need to be.

May your week be filled with success!

❤ Linda

How to get your inspiration back


‘You don’t have to look far in pursuance of success. You have it in you. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper in order to find it.’



Sometimes we work too hard, not allowing ourselves time to breathe, time to pause and reflect. And despite all the hard work we put in, we don’t seem to get anywhere. Yes we work hard, but do we work smart? I’ve noticed that when I put aside time doing the things I love, things that improve myself and boost my confidence, I also notice the inspiration flowing more effortlessly.

Over the past couple of months I’ve introduced some new habits, and picked up old ones that I’ve neglected. I’ve done my research, and through trial and error I found out what works best for me. I’ve listed 5 changes, or habits, to make my days more successful, more inspirational. Maybe there are a few you can start now.

  1. Broaden your horizons and learn something new. I stumbled upon Skillshare the other day, and I signed up to it immediately. Already working through some classes. I’ve noticed that when I deepen my skills and gain more knowledge my days become more successful. Constantly trying to better myself. Click here for 2 free months of unlimited access to Skillshare for a limited time only, giving you access to a great variety of classes within fields of creativity, technology, business and lifestyle. It’s an easy way to learn something new already today.
  2. Before you do anything else – make time for yourself. Before I start my day I make sure I dedicate time for myself. First I do the yoga, then I do the stuff – has become little bit of my mantra lately. It’s important to give to yourself, before you can start giving to anyone else. Allow yourself to wake up, to find a morning routine that inspires you to have a successful day ahead.
  3. Find focus – meditate. I never thought that meditation would have such a  great impact on the rest of my day, rest of my life even. When I sit still, listen to my heart beat and my intuition, I make room for more inspirational thoughts, clearer thoughts. It has become a tremendous inspirational boost. I started with 5 minutes. After a few weeks 5 minutes became 10, and now I can easily sit in silence for 15 minutes, giving myself the love and confidence I need. It’s good to have a piece of paper and a pen next to you, cause after a while you might want to write down all the amazing ideas and thoughts that pop up in your mind.
  4. Clean up your diet. Make sure you get all the vitamins, minerals and nutritions you need in order for you to thrive. Cut down on the processed foods, sugary foods. Food has an enormous impact on your mood and energy level. Give your body real, good-quality food, because – You deserve it.
  5. Use your time wisely. Whenever you have some free time, use it carefully. Listen to inspirational podcasts (one of my favourites), (Bucci Radio interviews are also great whenever I need a boost) or why not read a book, do some free writing, spend time outside, work out… Use the precious time to improve yourself, try to minimise the time you spend on social media, the unnecessary scrolling we all are guilty of.

Inspiring thoughts


‘Be humble, yet confident. Be kind, yet honor yourself. Be vulnerable, yet fierce. Be a dreamer, yet a doer. Follow your intuition, yet be open minded. Don’t be afraid to be. To exist.

Be you.’




Be good to people for no reason. The world might seem as a dark and cruel place. However, there is also plenty of love. Plenty of kindness. It’s everywhere, just stop and look around. Be aware. It starts from within. Let your kind-hearted self shine through.

Be a visionary. Take time to listen to your dreams, to your imagination. Believe in your inner voice. It speaks the truth. It always does.

You’re the creator of your own destiny. Spread your wings, darling. It’s time to come out of your shell. Let your magical, powerful self shine through. Allow your inner artist to come out and play. Now is the time to shine. 

‘The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.’

– Albert Einstein

The now is wow. If you’re not happy with the current circumstances there is always the possibility for change. Not next month, not next week. Not tomorrow. Now. Now is always a good time to change. Baby step by baby step. Do something everyday that will bring you one step closer to your desired destination. And remember, sometimes the journey itself is the destination.

Write it down. If you come up with a great idea – write it down. Let yourself get nerdy and write down everything that comes to mind; every teeny tiny detail. Plant a seed and watch it grow. Water it every day, nurture it and believe in it. Great things will come.

Hazelnut & apricot muesli


‘The secret ingredient in all my dishes is one heaping teaspoon of love.’



It’s incredibly easy and convenient to prep your own muesli. You choose your favourite ingredients, combine everything to a yummy and healthy muesli, and you have yourself a perfect nutrient dense breakfast.

This gluten free hazelnut & apricot muesli is full of fiber, carbohydrates, healthy fats, protein, and tastes freaking delicious. Apart from the ingredients below you can add ingredients such as sunflower seeds, raisins, mulberries, goji berries, almonds, puffed amaranth and quinoa flakes. You can easily leave out the oil and syrup. I added a hint of both for a little bit of extra flavour, however, not as much as I normally would when making granola. This muesli is a healthier option to granola. I got inspired to make my own muesli when I was in Vienna visiting my friend Anna. She had made the most delicious hazelnut muesli. Thank you, dear friend ❤

I think it tastes best served with plant-based yoghurt and fresh raspberries.

Hazelnut & apricot muesli


5 dl rolled oats (gluten free)

150 g hazelnuts

2 dl dried apricots, chopped

2.5 dl pumpkin seeds

0.5 dl hemp seeds

1 dl shredded coconut or coconut flakes

2 tbsp chia seeds

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp maple syrup

1 tbsp cacao powder

1 tsp vanilla powder

1 tsp cinnamon


  1. Preheat oven to 150 degrees celcius.
  2. In a large mixing bowl, combine all ingredients, except for the dried apricots, and stir until every ingredient is distributed in the mix.
  3. Roast in the oven for approx. 30 minutes until golden brown.
  4. Store in a airtight jar at room temperature.
  5. Serve with plant-based milk or yoghurt.


A sunny weekend in Vienna

‘Autumn killed the summer with the softest kiss.’



Hello from beautiful and sunny Vienna. I’m visiting my childhood friend Anna for the weekend and we’ve been enjoying a couple of lovely autumn days here in Austrias capital city.

It’s my first time in this gorgeous city, and I really like the atmosphere – all the beautiful buildings, the architecture, the market places, and of course, the Wiener Melange – a speciality coffee drink similar to cappuccino. Not to forget all the traditional Wiener cafés. We’ve been eating delicious vegan food (which is by the way very easy to find), strolling around the city, drinking coffee and enjoying apfelstrudeln, visiting Schönbrunn, and yesterday we visited the art museum Belvedere. I’m flying home tomorrow so still one day left to explore.

Below you find a mix of pictures from the past days. The sun has been shining the entire weekend. Just lovely.

Liebe Gruesse aus Wien ❤

Dear October…

… as your days get darker my soul gets lighter.

‘We were born to create. Create magic. Love. New life. Dreams & thoughts. Never hide your creativity. Never hide you. Create your life. Create you.’



You’ve never been my favourite, however, you force me to appreciate even the darkest days. Although the sun is hiding and the clouds are heavy we survive. It’s during the rough times we grow, dear October. It’s during those times we know how to live. But I feel you have changed. You’re warmer than before, more colourful. It’s like you fell in love with summer. If that’s the case; I hope you live happily ever after. 

October is for facing fears. Dreaming big and taking chances. It’s for enjoying darkness, as well as the light within. Practising mindfulness and feeling grateful for all that is. And like every other month October is for believing in the power within, believing in oneself. Loving oneself. It’s for grasping opportunities. Looking within for happiness, success and courage. Sometimes the things we want the most are closer than we think. Pause _________________________

Treasure what you got. Don’t take anything in life for granted.

‘Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.’

–  F. Scott Fitzgerald

This October is all about courage, love and determination. It’s about dark, dark nights full of stars. Full of hope. It’s about being kind to oneself, fellow humans and Mother Nature. It’s about inspiration and thinking out load. Expressing emotions, thoughts and dreams. It’s about feeding the body nutrients. Respecting the body. Listening to the body. It’s about not being afraid of failure. Since ‘He who never fails, never actually lives.’ Dare to flourish. Dare to be you.

How come we treat ourselves with such disrespect? How come we treat our planet the way we do? It’s the most wonderful place in the Universe. If we only knew how lucky we are to be here, right now. Lucky to enjoy the beauty of the ocean, the forrest, lakes, mountains, roads, cities, cultures, beaches, skyscrapers, animals. It’s a miracle. You’re a miracle. Don’t you ever forget that. 

I welcome you. You’re only dark on the outside, I know, since your loving character shines through. I won’t hide from you anymore, dear October. Let us play. Let us dance. Life begins every second. 


Random Saturday Thoughts

‘Always be you. Stop trying to please others, just to be accepted by others. Please yourself. Always please yourself.’



Perfectly random thoughts. When the mind is constantly talking to you it’s good to calm it down. Just rest, let it be. Get it out.

The power of thoughts. It’s a creative power, which you can strengthen with a little bit of effort (or sometimes a lot) and use to make changes in your life. Be careful of what you think. Good thoughts, positive thoughts, create a positive life. Be impeccable with your words. Choose them wisely – The words you use to describe yourself and the words you use when talking to others.

Success. The meaning of success in the Cambridge English Dictionary; ‘The achieving of the results wanted or hoped for.’ ‘Something that achieves positive results.’  However, we should all live our own definition of success. Success is more of a path than a destination. It’s less about the having and more about the being. Nothing outside of us will ever make us fulfilled, happy. Look inside, and you’ll find it. Eventually.

Eat the seasons. The biggest benefit of eating seasonally is that you’ll save money on food. You’ll also get the best tasting, healthiest food available. A positive side effect of eating what’s in season is that you get a broader variety of foods in your diet. If you buy locally, you’ll have a better chance at getting foods that are seasonal, fresh AND support local farmers and businesses in your community.  In season now; artichoke, broccoli, beetroot, butternut squash, carrots, courgettes, pak choi, onion, apples, apricots, figs, blackberries, pears to mention a few.

I dream more often

than I sleep.’

Working the night shift, drinking coffee and having the opportunity to write. Wonderful. It’s the small things that counts. The tiny, completely ordinary moments, that counts.

Fuzzy socks, ginger tea, figs, long walks, writing, autumn leaves, reading, jewellery, scented candles, things I like at the moment.

I like those rainy days.

They let me know that even the sky,

cries sometimes too.’

The power of now

‘You don’t have to move mountains in order to find the answer. Sometimes all you need is to embrace the stillness. Listen to that inner voice. It knows the way. It always does.’



5 things I noticed after meditation

I’ve introduced a new habit. A new daily routine. Meditation. For 20 days straight I’ve been dedicating 5-15 minutes a day to meditation. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Already after 5 days I noticed how easily it had become a new habit of mine. A habit I most likely will stick to, like brushing my teeth.

  1. A sense of calmness. I might seem as a calm person on the outside, nevertheless, on the inside, my mind is constantly chatting. I easily get anxious, nervous and caught up in negative thoughts, but meditation has helped me a lot already, only after 20 days. Some days though, I can’t seem to concentrate at all, and the 5 minutes of meditation seem more like 5 hours. However, most of the time the time flies by without me even thinking about it. Leaving me with a sense of calmness.
  2. Being more present. I have a tendency to drift away in my thoughts, forgetting all about the now. I’ve become to appreciate the present more and more. All the beautiful moments that happen during a day – let them embrace you.
  3. Being content. I trust I have the answer. I trust my gut. I trust myself. I’ve become more at peace, hence I worry much less than before. And when I notice the anxiety building up inside of me I can smoothly make a stop to it, before it has completely taken over my mind. Rather, I focus my thoughts more wisely and thoughtfully.
  4. Better sleep. The days when I meditate late at night, right before I go to bed, I’ve noticed that I fall asleep much faster.
  5. More patience. I get impatient and restless at times, especially at work. However, I’ve become to fully understand the importance of breathing and not letting the emotions run over. Just breath and count to ten.

And this is only after 20 days, imagine what the benefits might be after a year. Although I shouldn’t be focusing on the future too much 😉 Instead, breathe in the now.

One important note – Although keeping in mind the importance of being in the present, one should neither neglect setting personal goals nor the future per se. One should always strive to improve, and to grow as a human being, but be mindful of the actual journey. You are more likely to achieve a goal if you enjoy the process. The process of becoming.