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I found myself in desperate need of some inspiration. While I was surfing the internet I stumbled upon these lovely and inspirational web-sites; and

Loads of healthy recipes, inspiration, rawfood, beautiful pictures, health and everything else that makes life extra wonderful. I’m that kind of person who needs my daily inspiration in order to function, or at least it feels like that. Pictures, people, music, nature, my love, animals, cookbooks etcetera. These are things that keeps me going. And not to forget my daily excercise of course!

I can’t wait to try these bounty bars. They look absolutely delicious! And hey what can I say –  I’m a coconut junkie 😉 Click link for recipe


The picture and the recipe is from Sarah Wilson’s ”I Quit Sugar” cookbook. A cookbook that for sure caught my interest -A Complete 8-Week Detox Program and Cookbook. You can buy it on Adlibris here. I think I might…

I also ordered a few products from Bodystore today; Cacao Butter, Chia Seeds, Raw Maca Powder and Bipollen (Don’t know the word in english for that one..) Bipollen is one of the most nutrient superfoods so I of course have to try it out. It will be good for smoothies and for decoration when making healthy treats! I will let you know how I use it 😉


More greens

More yoga

More positive thoughts

More following my dreams

More music


Less stress

Less hate

Less negative thoughts

Less sugar

Less worrying




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