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Something sweet & Blissballs

A couple of weeks before Christmas I was eating way more sugar than my body actually needed. I wouldn’t go so far to call myself a sugar addict, but still I had my periods when I didn’t think, rather ate the sweets in front of me.

I’m working part-time at a cruise ship and usually there is candy wherever you lay your eyes. It can be hard to stay away, especially when tired. To eat one to two pieces of candy or chocolate everyday is NOT good. That’s a lot of pieces in a month. The problem for me was that I wasn’t eating enough nutritious food at that point, nor drinking enough water. I felt as if I was constantly hungry and almost always peckish.

I haven’t eaten any sugar, such as candy and chocholate, the last  five weeks. Yeajj! I have one craving though, and it’s dark chocolate minimum 70 %. But the funny thing is; that craving is also slowly fading away. Our minds and bodies are very clever when it comes to sugar, or any other craving for that matter. If your body gets sugar almost everyday it starts expecting it everyday and insists on getting it no matter what. But when you stop feeding your body with sugar and junk it will sooner or later get used to that too!

I can’t stress enough the importance of eating real and wholesome foods and drinking enough water. Excercise is another important key factor in beating sugar cravings. For sure it has helped me. Okey, maybe I’m not the best one to talk about sugar cravings since my cravings aren’t the worst kind. But for me, personally I feel much better excluding sugar from my diet and instead adding more alkaline food. Alkaline foods such as spirulina, kale, spinach, wheatgrass, ginger, lemon etcetera.

It doesn’t mean that I don’t eat anything sweet. Instead I prefer honey, manuka honey, dates, bananas, coconut sugar as sweeteners, and I try to use them in moderation. These natural sweeteners have a higher nutritional value than processed sugar. Important to keep in mind is that these sweeteners also trigger your sugar cravings. Everything in moderation.

DSC04015But basically the thing I want to say is – if you want to cut back on sugar –  eat your greens, choose wholesome foods, excercise daily and drink water. Next you will find a recipe that for sure will satisfy your sweet tooth.

Have a happy, healthy weekend everyone!


Coco-Cashew-Lemon Blissballs

DSC03998 kopiera

These blissballs are absolutely amazing. Perfect when you need that extra energy. They tasted heavenly after my leg workout earlier this morning. The lemon-vanilla-cashew is such a nice combination. So fresh! And covering them with raw cacao powder was such a great idea.


2.5 dl cashew nuts

6 fresh soft dates

0.75 dl shredded coconut

1 tbs coconut oil

1 lemon (the juice)

1/2 tsp vanilla powder


1. Place all ingredients in a food processor or mixer. Process until smooth and firm.

2. Roll the mixture into small balls and cover with for example raw cacao powder and shredded coconut & lemon peel.

3. Keep in fridge before serving.

4. Store in fridge up to 1 week.


DSC04008 kopiera




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