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Peach & Coconut Smoothie

Sunday morning and time for a deliciously creamy peach and coconut smoothie. It actually felt like Summer for a while, outside it’s more like Autumn at the moment. Swedish Summer at its best.. But hey, nothing that a really tasty and delicate smoothie can’t cure.

I love the taste of coconut milk in smoothies, it gives that extra creaminess. Simply divine. Try it! This one is also a nice post-workout smoothie, and if you desire more protein add for example vanilla protein.

Happy mixing!

Peach & Coconut Smoothie

What you need for two smoothies:

2 handfuls of organic almonds

1 dl water

2 dates

A hint of vanilla powder

Half a banana

One squeezed lemon

2 peaches (cut into pieces)

2 dl creamy coconut milk

A couple of ice cubes

(I found some cantaloupe melon pieces in the fridge so I added them as well, you can leave them out…)


1. Place the almonds, water, vanilla and dates in the mixer and mix on full speed until milky.

2. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix for a while until it gets really smooth and creamy.

3. Pour the smoothie into glasses and decorate with almonds and peaches.







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