Månad: oktober 2015

Soulful eating

I’m all about the soulful eating trend. In a world where everything happens in high speed I find it important to sit down, enjoy and eat passionately, enjoying every taste sensation and flavour. Eating with all senses. When I’m feeling stressed I really have difficulties eating. I prefer to feel relaxed when eating. If I eat in haste I usually start feeling ill, no matter how healthy the food I’m eating is. And as you all might have noticed I love eating food that is beautiful to watch. What can I say, I’m a sucker for everything exquisite. More passionate healthy eating, less stressful ”I’m eating at my desk or while walking on the street”. Jag gillar verkligen tänket kring ”soulful eating”. I en värld där allt ska hända så fort som möjligt, helst på en och samma gång anser jag att det är otroligt viktigt att vi sätter oss ner och verkligen njuter av maten på vår tallrik. Att äta passionerat och njuta av varje smaksensation, med alla sinnen närvarande. Jag har ofta svårt …

Yoga every damn day

I must admit I don’t do yoga regularly. But I noticed how good it is for my body. As an old gymnast I always been fond of stretching (although I’ve been neglecting it lately). Anyhow I’ve decided to change that, and I’m trying to incorporate yoga at least two times a week. I feel a big difference already after three times. I manage to do the split today after my regular workout! I’ve been having some problem with my hamstrings, but I think (hope) a few hours of yoga will change that. I decided to subscribe to Yoogaia, which is a really nice yoga site with both live classes and recordings. You can choose between a wide selection of classes from beginners to advanced. I really recommend Yoogaia for everyone that wishes to practise yoga at home in the living room. It makes it so much easier to get it done! Underneath I offer you a link which gives you a free 14 day trial. Don’t miss out on that! https://yoogaia.com/?referral=C8ERNNMPM6W0 Don’t hesitate to try …

Thoughts about success & mental health

Being healthy is much more than being healthy on the outside. A healthy attitude towards life and most important towards yourself starts from within. It’s good to stop for a while…. ∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗ …. and reflect on what you’ve done so far, and to plan where you wanna be in the near future. It might sound rather ridiculous, I know; but we only live ones. And we don’t even know for how long. Not that I want to sound pessimistic, but it’s the truth. I think it’s healthy to start seeing life from a bigger perspective. I myself consider it rather difficult to think like this, it’s something I’ve started working on, and I’m getting better each day. It takes time, practise and focus. My biggest motivation is that I want to live a life I’ve chosen, a life I’m truly satisfied with, and in order to do so I need to start focusing on what I really want and need from life. What do you want from life? When do you feel the happiest? Most …


Lördag och frukost i sängen. Bläddrar i det nya numret av tidningen Mattrender och denna soliga höstmorgon blir ännu bättre. I tidningen hittar du nämligen några av mina smoothie-recept, en för varje tillfälle – Smoothien som piggar upp, om du känner dig krasslig, efter träningen, för att starta dagen, ett hälsosamt mellanmål eller istället för något onyttigt. Mattrender är för övrigt en relativt nystartad tidning; konsumentnära och oberoende. Det finns en mängd matnyttig information att ta del av i tidningen, väldigt intressant och givande läsning. Läs mer om matens hälsoeffekter, varför barn bör äta ekologiskt, om matparadiset Sicilien och hur du slipper äta bekämpningsmedel på frukt & grönt, samt mycket mer. Spring och köp vettja!

Be your own motivation

It takes time, planning and effort to live a healthy life. Nothing comes for free. You need to start listening to yourself, your wants and needs. We all live different lives. In order to keep up a healthy lifestyle you need to make decisions that you are comfortable with, decisions you know you can hold on to. To choose a healthy lifestyle is like having a long-lasting relationship with yourself; you need to love and respect yourself enough to make conscious decisions that are good for you. Be proud of yourself. And don’t be too harsh on yourself. We are not perfect. You are not perfect. But trying to be the best version of oneself is pretty damn close. For me food is fuel. Food is something that should make me feel strong, fit and healthy, and give me good energy throughout the day. I also like to see food as medicine, by this I mean I try to choose foods that help me prevent diseases. Don’t compare yourself with others and what they choose …

Eat for health

Something as simple as gluten free bread, avocado, roasted pistachios and balsamico, and I’m in heaven. A creamy cacao smoothie with a hint of turmeric and cayenne pepper on the side and it’s almost a work of art. Food needs to be colourful and beautiful to watch, it’s makes it so much easier to eat. I eat with my eyes for sure. Beautiful food makes me happy. Those little things. That make a day count. Like the perfect toast.

Dear Breakfast, I Heart You

Breakfast Lovers! I love mornings. They are like a breath of fresh air, sunshine through my windows, the first page of a new book, the smell of fresh coffee. It is the beginning of a new day. New opportunities. And like a life long love affair it only gets better – you wake up, sip on a cup of coffee, you might even do some light exercise before it is time to sit down and enjoy a healthy, delicious breakfast. After a start like that I assure you are good to go, ready to take on the world. I do believe breakfast is the most important, as well as the yummiest, meal of the day. Enjoying a well-prepared and nutritious breakfast is a fundamental start to any day. What can be better than to begin everyday with a big bowl of happiness. Let us have breakfast!  

Boost your immune system

Occasionally your immune system might need an extra health boost. Especially when it’s getting darker and colder outside. Here are some of the nutritional supplements I take daily in order to give my body and overall well-being an extra boost. As with everything it’s certainly individual what your body might need. If you’re uncertain about which vitamins and minerals you need I suggest you consult your doctor/homeopath/dietist/ before adding supplements to your diet. Nutritional supplements Chlorella – is a powerful and detoxifying micro algae containing all vital vitamins, minerals and amino acids you need. Chlorella is rich in chlorophyll. In addition chlorella contains a high amount of protein (approx. 60 %). It balances the pH value in your body and contains Vitamins B6, B12 and iron to support your immune system. Chlorella supports your liver, gallbladder and kidneys. It’s crucial that you buy chlorella that is grown in controlled and pure environments since chlorella absorbs all the toxins from its environment. Source: organicburst.com MSM – I’ve been writing about MSM before, read here ( in swedish) about  the natural energy …