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Thoughts about success & mental health

Being healthy is much more than being healthy on the outside. A healthy attitude towards life and most important towards yourself starts from within. It’s good to stop for a while….


…. and reflect on what you’ve done so far, and to plan where you wanna be in the near future. It might sound rather ridiculous, I know; but we only live ones. And we don’t even know for how long. Not that I want to sound pessimistic, but it’s the truth. I think it’s healthy to start seeing life from a bigger perspective. I myself consider it rather difficult to think like this, it’s something I’ve started working on, and I’m getting better each day. It takes time, practise and focus. My biggest motivation is that I want to live a life I’ve chosen, a life I’m truly satisfied with, and in order to do so I need to start focusing on what I really want and need from life. What do you want from life? When do you feel the happiest? Most alive? Complete? Dedicate some time each week when you think about these things.

At the moment I’m reading a book written by the mental coach Erik Bertrand Larssen ”Bli bäst med mental träning”. I’m not sure if there is an english version of the book, I’ve only seen it in Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian. Anyhow the essence of the book is how you access your hidden talents and how you become the best version of yourself. Bertrand Larssen explains how important it is to put your life into perspective, to figure out your wants, needs and goals. He stresses the importance of not comparing yourself with others and how vital it is that you start believing in yourself in order to succeed.

This might sound rather obvious, nonetheless it can be very difficult at times. These are thoughts you need to incorporate into your everyday life. Start by writing them down; feelings, thoughts of who you are, who you wanna be, where you wanna be, your goals etcetera. When you put your thoughts on paper they become much clearer. You’re one step closer to your goals. Focus on what makes you happy, and work hard. I promise you, it will be good for your mental health.

This is a very interesting topic I easily could spend hours reflecting on. Anyway I just wanted to share my thoughts and hopefully you will start focusing more on what you want from life.

Wish you all a nice Sunday evening and a great beginning of a new week!


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