Månad: februari 2016

Healthy Sunday Snack

Some days I have the biggest sweet tooth. Like today. I decided not to indulge in chocolate but instead I made myself a delicious and creamy acai bowl. It tasted heavenly. The perfect post-workout snack. Woke up at 7 AM today! Way too early on a Sunday morning. However, I went for an one hour powerwalk and then one hour upper body session & stretching @ the gym. It’s probably the sunshine that makes me feel so energised. Or all the healthy foods 😉 A combination maybe. Recipe for a healthy life A good nights sleep, fresh air and a balanced diet with loads of green veggies. Love and exciting goals that makes you jump out of bed each morning. And an acai bowl every now and then.   Ingredients: 2 tbs acai powder 1 frozen banana (cut into pieces) 2 dl blueberries 2 tsp almond butter Natural and unsweetened soya yoghurt A hint of rice milk A hint of vanilla powder Instructions: Place the yummy ingredients in your blender and mix on full speed. Pour the …

Chaga Coffee & Spring vibes

My favourite place when I’m at home. The bed. Especially when the sun shines through the windows. Splendid. The other day I was at Blueberry drinking  a pick-me-up smoothie and the friendly staff told me to buy chaga coffee. I’m very easy to persuade so of course I bought it. It tastes mostly like coffee, but with a hint of mushroom flavour. Sounds maybe strange but it’s pretty nice. It’s a good replacement to my usual coffee. Chaga grows on birch trees in colder climates and is supposed to be very healthy, an immune boosting superfood filled with antioxidants. Coffee addict as I am I’m happy sipping on this super drink 😉  

Budapest snapshots

I’ve been spending almost one week in this gorgeous city. Although it was fifty shades of grey almost every day this lovely Hungarian capital was still stunning. I really appreciate these old European cities with beautiful architecture. Wellness for my soul. I will probably go back in May since my boyfriend has an apartment there. Looking forward to Spring! I really recommend a visit to Budapest. It’s cheap, friendly people, beautiful architecture, gorgeous city, relaxing baths, nice food and cosy cafés in almost every corner.