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Healthy Sunday Snack

Some days I have the biggest sweet tooth. Like today. I decided not to indulge in chocolate but instead I made myself a delicious and creamy acai bowl. It tasted heavenly. The perfect post-workout snack. Woke up at 7 AM today! Way too early on a Sunday morning. However, I went for an one hour powerwalk and then one hour upper body session & stretching @ the gym. It’s probably the sunshine that makes me feel so energised. Or all the healthy foods 😉 A combination maybe.

Recipe for a healthy life

A good nights sleep, fresh air and a balanced diet with loads of green veggies. Love and exciting goals that makes you jump out of bed each morning. And an acai bowl every now and then.  


2 tbs acai powder

1 frozen banana (cut into pieces)

2 dl blueberries

2 tsp almond butter

Natural and unsweetened soya yoghurt

A hint of rice milk

A hint of vanilla powder


  1. Place the yummy ingredients in your blender and mix on full speed.
  2. Pour the mixture into a big bowl and decorate with granola, berries, banana or almond butter. Whatever your heart desire.






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