Månad: april 2016

Drink your greens

Recently I’ve been starting my mornings with this dark green smoothie. And what can I say, I’m hooked! It’s for sure a new favourite and I absolutely love the colour! By the way doesn’t dark green and pink go well together? Since I’ve been a bit tired lately I need to make sure I get enough Iron ( ❤ spirulina & spinach). Besides boosting my smoothies with spirulina and leafy greens I eat chlorella tablets. Hopefully all the extra nutrients will kick in! Place following ingredients in your blender and mix on full speed until smooth; 1 banana, frozen mango (cut into pieces), 2 tsp spirulina powder, a handful of baby spinach, 1 tbsp pea protein, 2 large tsp unsweetened almond butter, a hint of vanilla powder, almond milk (or coconut water) and 2 ice cubes.  Another obsession I have at the moment is almond butter. I literally could eat it with anything. However it’s lovely in smoothies, on top of medjool dates, spreaded on top of gluten free toast, mixed in oat porridge or eaten directly …

Confessions of a healthy foodie

Random facts about myself I could easily live on acai bowls and home made granola. A creamy and delicious acai bowl is one of the best healthy snacks there is.  I need my morning coffee. I wish I was more of a tea person. Yes, I enjoy a cup of tea (preferably in the evening) but mornings are for coffee and only coffee. I’m really picky with food. I need my food to be fresh, always checking the expiring dates on the packages. And I would say I’m a soulful eater – I only eat the stuff that I fancy at the moment. I would never bother to plan weekly meals since I have no idea what I like to eat beforehand. My favourite berry is blueberry. I used to have the biggest sweet tooth. I guess it got better after switching to a more plant based diet. I still enjoy dark chocolate, home made raw food bars and dates.  I’m obsessed with MSM-powder. And why wouldn’t I be? It makes my hair grow faster. …


Sunday morning in bed. I woke up way too early. But why sleep when you can have breakfast and enjoy the early hours. Black coffee and banana porridge. I’m deeply in love with Sundays. This banana porridge is super easy to make. You just cook gluten free oats with unsweetened almond milk, a mashed banana and cinnamon. Serve with berries, nuts and seeds. Voilá! Breakfast is served.  

A quick dinner

A healthy, organic dinner for busy days. Or simply those days when you have better things to do then cook. Although I prefer cooking my own food there are times when I grab something pre-cooked. The creamy and tasty soups and stews from Spoons are perfect – they are organic, refined sugar free and doesn’t contain any additives. Two thumbs up for the vegan and vegetarian options! Yesterday I had a creamy root vegetable soup. I added some cooked quinoa and topped with roasted pumpkin seeds and ruccola. Perfect and almost like a home cooked meal 😉 *In co-operation with Spoons Nyttig, ekologisk färdigmat för stressiga dagar. Eller dagar du helt enkelt inte orkar ställa dig vid spisen. Jag föredrar att göra min egen mat från grunden men vissa dagar finns det varken tid eller ork; då är dessa smakrika, krämiga och hälsosamma soppor och grytor från  Spoons ett riktigt bra alternativ. Rätterna innehåller mycket baljväxter såsom bönor, linser och ärtor samt inga tillsatser eller tillsatt socker. Dessutom har de låg salthalt. Ett stort plus för …

Smoothie 24/7

Here’s a list with a few of my favourite smoothies. There’s no surprise that I love my smoothies. I usually have one as a snack before my workout in the afternoon/evening. Perfect pre-workout. At the moment I mostly end up mixing acai berry powder with frozen banana and blueberries or frozen mango, banana and pea protein powder. From time to time I attempt to create something extra fancy and nourishing, like the ones below. Acai Smoothie Green Smoothie Smoothie parfait Acai Bowl Raw Cacao Smoothie Acai Bowl (again!) 😉 Greenlicious Smoothie 

Acai Smoothie with Dark Chocolate Granola

This is simply divine. Absolutely delicious. Right up my street. Ok, I guess you get the point – it tastes perfect. Who needs candy when you can have a delicious smoothie with chocolate granola?! My healthy Friday treat. Deep purple is my favourite colour when it comes to food ❤ Happy weekend! Acai Smoothie Ingredients: 2 frozen bananas 1 dl blueberries 2 tbsp acai powder 2 tsp almond butter 0.5 dl shredded coconut A hint of almond or rice milk Instructions: Place all ingredients in your blender and mix on full speed until smooth and yummy. Pour the smoothie into a jar and eat with granola and berries. Chocolate Granola I didn’t use that many ingredients when making this granola, i just used what I got at home. But it turned out super tasty! And yes I didn’t use any measurements either I just mixed everything up 😉 So this is only a roughly amount of what I used; Ingredients: 4 dl glutenfree Oats 1 dl pumpkin seeds 0.5 dl shredded coconut 1 dl coconut …

Early mornings

I love early mornings. The sunrise. A healthy breakfast. Sleeping in. The smell of coffee. Warm Summer nights. Cuddles. I love Spring. Loud music in my ears. Running. Exploring a new city. The taste of coffee. People watching. Fresh flowers. The sunset. I love creating a new recipe. Writing. Lemon water. Taking photographs. The sound of the ocean. Puppies. Coconut ice cream. Working out. I love planning. Wearing a dress. My family. Acai bowls with loads of toppings. Making him laugh. Midnight sun. Ambitious people. I love his scent. Nature. The feeling of being free. Dancing. The smell of the forrest. Snowflakes pouring down. Capturing a moment. Taking a hot bath. I love early mornings.

Red quinoa porridge with roasted almonds & blueberries

This heart warming bowl of red quinoa porridge with roasted almonds, blueberries, banana and coconut sugar warms up even the coldest souls. I’m more than happy to have found a new, delicious breakfast option. I had it for lunch earlier today, but I will probably have it for breakfast next time, or as a evening snack. Yes, it’s suitable at any time 😉 But such a nice way to begin the morning. It’s still chilly in the mornings and afternoons so I find it lovely to cuddle up with a big, warm bowl of porridge. Those little things. Ingredients: 0.75 dl red quinoa 2 dl water A pinch of himalaya salt o.5 dl rice & coconut milk 1 tsp cinnamon Half a banana (mashed) A handful of roasted almonds + coconut sugar Instructions: Cook the quinoa with water and a pinch of himalaya salt according to the instructions on the package (approx. 15-20 minutes) When almost ready add the rice & coconut milk, cinnamon and mashed banana. Cook together for approx. 5 more minutes. Roast …

Banana bread

I found this lovely recipe on Ida Warg’s blog – a delicious vegan and gluten free banana bread. I made it yesterday and it’s already gone. Oops! We enjoyed it without any topping, straight from the oven. It’s so yummy so you don’t actually need anything on top. Happy baking  ❤ Ingredients: 5 dl oat flour (gluten free) 2 mashed bananas 0.5 dl almond milk/rice milk 0.5 dl coconut oil 0.5 dl agave or coconut sugar 0.75 tsp baking powder 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp himalaya salt 1.5 tbsp vinegar Instructions: Preheat oven to 175 degrees celcius. ”Butter” a baking tin with coconut oil.  In a big bowl, mash two bananas. Add rest of the ingredients and stir everything together until combined. Pour the mixture in the baking tin. Bake in oven for approx. 35 minutes. Turn the oven off and let stand in oven for another 10 minutes. Eat with almond butter, fresh berries or just as it is. It tastes delish when slightly warm! //Linda