Månad: oktober 2016

What’s in my kitchen?

There are certain foods that I always need to have in my kitchen. Stocking up on nutritious and clean foods is vital when wanting to follow a balanced and healthy lifestyle since it makes healthy eating so much easier. If you’re a snacker (like I am..) it’s also good to have some healthy snack options on hand. Here’s a list of yummie foods that I usually buy at the moment; Veggies Zucchini Mushroom Garlic Sweet potato Butternut squash Kale Baby spinach Cherry tomatoes Fruits/Berries Banana (always keep some chopped up bananas in the freezer for smoothies or nana ice cream) Apple Lemon Frozen mango Blueberries/Strawberries Fresh herbs/Spices  Coriander Basil Turmeric Cayenne pepper Chili Cinnamon Vanilla powder In the fridge Organic egg Almond milk Coconut oil Oatley creme fraiche (non dairy alternative to creme fraiche) Treats Peanut butter/Almond butter Dates Raw cacao powder Raw food bars of some kind + rice, quinoa, been pasta, chick peas, gluten free wraps, oats, rice cakes… Annonser

Wake up happy

The best way to kick-start a cold and chilly autumn day (or any other day for that matter) is to enjoy a healthy and nourishing breakfast. Choose wholesome, clean and nutrient dense food that will keep you satisfied and fuller for longer. Fill your plate with colourful and antioxidant rich food that help fight disease such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, nuts and dark green veggies. Coffee is my number one drink on the breakfast table but in order to give your immune system an extra boost choose a cup of green tea or herbal tea with lemon and ginger. WAKE UP HAPPY BREAKFAST MENU (Pick your favourite 😉) Omelette with baby spinach and kale & berries on the side Quinoa vanilla & cinnamon porridge with almond milk Banana oat pancakes Green smoothie bowls Home made granola with cashew milk Avocado toast  Chocolate protein smoothie

Spirulina dream

I don’t know why but I was craving spirulina when I got home earlier today so I just had to make myself a huge smoothie bowl filled with goodies. Perfect pre-workout meal. And can we all stop for a while to admire the beautiful green colour. I get high just watching it 😀 Love it! More greens to the people ❤ Ingredients: 1-2 frozen bananas 100 g mango 1-2 tsp spirulina powder 2 tsp almond butter Baby spinach  A dash of almond milk Instructions: Place all lovely ingredients in your mixer and blend until smooth & creamy. Pour into a bowl and eat with oats/granola, nuts, berries, raw cacao etcetera.

Better than candy

Sweets for my sweets sugar for my honey. I love the taste of sweet foods! However, I stay away from refined sugars and choose to indulge in fruits, berries, dates, coconut sugar and raw chocolate instead. And why wouldn’t I? Those healthier options taste so much better. Healthy energy that keeps my body going. Here are some of my favourites satisfying that sweet tooth of mine. Unsweetened almond butter & Apple slices Home made granola & Granola bars Banana pancakes Raw cacao smoothie Raw food cakes & treats Home made ice cream Acai bowls… With a list like this who needs candy anyway?! Nature has a lot of goodies to offer. Goodies that not only taste might fine but are also filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Eat better not less.  

Nana ice cream

Fluffy nana ice cream for breakfast this lovely sunny Monday! Filled with vitamins and protein this bowl of deliciousness left me feeling energized and satisfied. The perfect recovery-meal after my morning workout. Who said you can’t have ice cream for breakfast?! 😉 Ingredients: 2 frozen bananas 100 g frozen strawberries 1 tsp peanut butter  1 scoop pea protein powder ( I also added one scoop of glutamine) 1 tsp acai powder A hint of vanilla powder Optional: A dash of almond milk or coconut yoghurt (for that extra creaminess)  Instructions: Place all ingredients in your blender and mix until fully combined. It might take a while until you get a nice and fluffy texture. Since my mixer is rather old I added some liquid in form of almond milk. Pour into a big bowl and top with home made granola and fresh berries.

How to dance through fall

Even if autumn has its positive elements these somewhat dark and grey months can be pretty rough on some people. Much as you might wanna escape to warmer climates there are some things you can do in order to spice up the season. Read books & watch movies. While getting darker outside it’s a great opportunity to read all the books you haven’t had time to read. Or why not watch all your favourite movies all over again. Candle lights. Scented candle lights will fill your whole apartment with a wonderful aroma and will help you forget all about the grey and rainy weather outside. Exercise. Although it’s nice to cuddle up in the sofa with chocolate & tea it’s good for your overall well-being to break a sweat. First: Sweat it out. Then: Sofa-time. Agreed? Enjoy the nature. Autumn is very beautiful; Go for long hikes and take advantage of the sunny, beautiful days. The fresh air will make you feel alive. Eat seasonable. Stock up on fresh, seasonable fruits, vegetables and berries such as broccoli, …