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Chocolate Smoothie & Sunday Thoughts

”It’s like having chocolate mousse cake for breakfast! – It’s just that it tastes way better.”


Exactly. Like having dessert for breakfast. This thick & creamy chocolate, maca smoothie with a hint of turmeric is the perfect brekkie while PMS:ing 😉 (Maca is perfect for balancing hormones. And mine are all over the place right now…) However, this smoothie is absolutely divine. The bitter taste of turmeric and cacao & the sweetness of banana and dates marry well together. Not to mention, the caramel flavour of maca.

This nutrient dense smoothie bowl is a flavour explosion for sure! My soul is so very grateful. Remember – when your body is hungry, it wants nutrients, not calories. Feed your body.

”Let’s pay the farmer, not the pharmacist.”

– Paul Coletta, CEO Urban Remedy

Chocolate smoothie bowl


1 frozen banana

2 tbsp vegan protein powder (raw cacao +maca flavour)

1 tsp turmeric

2 tsp peanutbutter

1 medjool date

2 tbsp Alpro soya Go On (creamy dairy free quark)

A hint of almond milk

+ Ice 


  1. Mix all the yumminess together in your blender until smooth and creamy.
  2. Pour into a bowl and decorate with fresh berries, chunky chocolate rawbites, gluten free granola, nuts & seeds, coconut flakes… Whatever you prefer, darling.




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