Breakfast, Smoothies

Thursday brunch

‘Stop dancing in a daydream while the sky is full of stars.’


– Linda


Quiet mornings. Calm sea and freshly brewed coffee. Enjoying the late summer heat while preparing brunch. The beauty of holidays; one have time to enjoy a long brunch on a Thursday. All about simplicity though, fresh food that is easy to prepare. Easy to love. I have a weakness for food with a taste of crispiness, creaminess and comfortness. Quiet mornings turning into productive afternoons. 

Thursday brunch

Avocado toast with fresh coriander, sesame seeds & baby tomatoes

Simple to make and so very delicious. Crispy bread, creamy avocado and fresh coriander = best combo ❤ I can’t have enough.

Gluten free bread (toasted)

Mashed avocado with himalaya salt & black pepper

Heaps of fresh coriander

Black and white sesame seeds

Baby tomatoes


Vanilla Strawberry Smoothie with Toasted Pecans & Raspberries

A creamy smoothie with strawberries, with a taste as good as ice cream. Magic in a bowl.

Frozen banana


Oatley milk

Vanilla powder


+ a sneaky hint of almond butter

Blend together and eat with toasted pecans and fresh raspberries.



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