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‘I will talk to you words of honey.’


– Linda


About four years ago I started my blog CleanEatingbyLinda. It all began as a final project while I was studying media-production & journalism at the university in Stockholm. My vision was to offer gluten and dairy free recipes, as well as refined sugar free desserts. The site, as well as myself, has both grown and developed quite a lot since. Even if I haven’t been updating regularly during these four years, neglected it for longer periods of time, I’ve always thought of it as my precious baby. But, it’s not a baby anymore…

Although CleanEatingbyLinda is evolving, growing up, the main purpose will always be the same as from the very beginning;  A wish to inspire to a healthful and holistic lifestyle.

However, the CleanEatingbyLinda of today is going beyond eating clean. It’s about awareness. It’s about feeding the body, as well as the mind & soul. It’s about passion. It’s about listening to your own, unique body. It’s about writing and following dreams. It’s about poetry. It’s about creativity and the ability to connect with other people. It’s about staying active. It’s about yoga and relaxation. It’s about plant-based food and eating the rainbow. It’s about the planet. It’s about positivity and joy. It’s about colourful smoothie bowls. But most of all it’s about love and an earnest affection to inspire other humans.



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