Nutrition, Plant-based lunch/dinner

Healthy grocery list

In order to make it easier to live a healthier life – making better food choices –  it’s good to stock up the kitchen with healthy foods. When the pantry is full of good stuff there’s no excuse not to make healthy homemade meals.

I know how convenient it can be to buy take-away and grabb a less healthy option if your fridge is home to a lonely carrot. And yes, making homemade meals from scratch is cheaper. A win-win situation. You might feel that you don’t have time to cook all day everyday. Yes you do, cause I bet you don’t have time to be sick. If you have children let them join; cooking is a social activity that can bring the whole family together.


Below you’ll find a list that you can download, and bring to the supermarket next time you need some ”plant-based food shopping inspo”.

My plant-based pantry


❤ Linda



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