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Spring cleaning your home

”Embrace the now with awareness, and make room for new, uplifting intentions. Notice the birds singing, the trees blooming. The future is created in the present. ”


Spring cleaning your home, aka your mind & body, is an excellent way of getting rid of limiting beliefs and self-doubt, as well as negative thoughts that might hold you back from reaching your true potential. Below you’ll find my top tips for cleaning your home this spring. 

Before you can start your spring cleaning you’ll have to become aware of what’s holding you back. Are you always comparing yourself to others? Not thinking you’re worthy of all the abundance that life has to offer? Do you have problems forgiving yourself for past behaviours? Do you have problems forgiving someone else? Or do you simply feed your mind with negative self-talk morning to evening?

Take your time to figure out what it is that you struggle with the most; the things you need to get rid of in order to blossom like an early spring day. This can be done through seeking solitude and writing down the habits/thoughts you want to release from your ”home”. These habits/thoughts are things that do not serve you in any way.

Let’s take an example: Let’s say you struggle with forgiving yourself because of past behaviours, actions and decisions. Deepak Chopra explains it effortlessly in his book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success; ”Here’s the reality: good people can make bad choices. And bad choices don’t make a bad person… if you are willing to wholeheartedly own and accept a choice you’ve made, defenselessly without making any excuses, and if you believe in your heart of hearts that with everything you now know you would make a different choice today in that same situation, then you are worthy of forgiveness and entitled to forgive yourself.” 

So in stead of holding on to energy-sucking-thoughts that you’re a bad person cause you’ve made bad decions in the past, make a conscious decision to release them, like throwing a rock far into the ocean. Watching it sink deeper and deeper, until it’s completely out of sight.

Breathe out the old, breathe in the new


When your mind is immersed in old thought systems you cant’ make room for new, more loving thoughts to enter. That’s why it’s so important that you once and for all clean out that garbage.


”Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny.”

– Lao Tzu


A few things that have helped me clear my mind, and make space for improved thoughts to enter, is first and foremost meditation. However, there is plenty of other things that have benefited me greatly, for example being outside in nature, writing, listening to classical music, drinking enough water, eating plenty of whole foods and lots of greens.  After a couple of days I’ve noticed remarkable improvements when it comes to my study technique. At the moment I’m reading a quite comprehensive book in psychology, and last evening I felt a sudden rush of knowledge sinking in. After many days of not having any idea what so ever what I was reading, I’m now starting to grasp the content. Finally! Clearing out thoughts like ”I’m stupid, I don’t understand this”, and comparison have made my mind feel much lighter, and therefore made it a lot easier for my brain to obtain new knowledge.


Embrace uncertainty


When accepting the present moment for what it is, and detaching from the future, you not only make room for new and fresh possibilities, but for creativity and freedom. It’s very common to seek security and certainty, but when taking a closer look it’s actually an attachment to the known, aka the past. There’s no room for evolution in a mindset like that, only stagnation. So while you’re spring cleaning your old thought systems you’re expanding and growing your mind, making space for new creative thoughts to enter. And remember, within uncertainty lies freedom, a limitless number of possibilities and imagination.

It’s spring, it’s time for you to come out of your shell, it’s time for you to expand and to bloom.


Happy cleaning,



The beauty of aging

”Every day is a privilege to learn more about yourself, life and all its mysteries.”


Just like the Moon we go through phases, and just like the seasons we change. And like the midnight sky we shine like a million of stars, just like we cry like heavy clouds on a rainy Sunday evening. Life is beautiful in all its stages. Every morning we receive the gift of a new day. We get to grow one day older, and that my dear, is a gift greater than life itself. 

Stop being afraid of getting older, show your deepest appreciation instead. The beauty of evolving, and getting wiser is a privilege. Every day we have a chance to learn more about ourselves, we have the opportunity to grow and learn from our experiences. We have the possibility to fall in love with our imperfections, our strengths and all our quirks.

I believe that with age comes knowledge, not only the one found in books, but from life. You might find yourself in a situation where you start to second guess yourself, and what you have accomplished so far. You might think that you should be further in life by now. Darling, you are exactly where you’re meant to be. Everything you’ve been through has taken you to this exact point. All the decisions you’ve made, all the countries you’ve seen, all the hearts you’ve touched, all the jobs you’ve had, all the times you’ve struggled, and all the lessons you’ve learned have taken you to this very moment.


”Darling the moon is still the moon in all of its phases.”

– isra al-thibeh

To be able to explore and learn about oneself is so rewarding. Learning about one’s qualities, and how to handle them, will make life so much easier. Whatever your qualities are – embrace them. You might not be like the rest of them. That’s perfect. You do you.

Features I once thought as weaknesses I know regard as my strengths. Like being too kind, too empathetic, too sensitive, too large-hearted. I now understand that all these characteristics are gifts, and something I need to learn to handle. These traits won’t go away (although somedays I would like to be a bitch…) since they are deeply rooted within me. Without them I wouldn’t be me.

Take the time to learn about yourself


One way to gain more confidence is to become more self-aware. Take the time to learn about yourself. What do you like to do on a rainy Sunday morning? What makes you happy? What makes you cry? What is your biggest passion in life? Dig deep, and you’ll find all the answers within, underneath that beautiful skin.

And while you are busy learning about yourself, learn about life. Educate yourself, seek new knowledge and challenge your mind. Never ever go through life thinking you know it all.


”A person can never have too much knowledge, or too much life experience.”

– L.M.V


The beauty of aging. The delicacy of a newborn day. Leaves falling of a tree on a brisk autumn day. Flowers blossoming in the garden. The Moon caressing fragile souls during the darkest of nights. And the stars. Oh, how I adore the dark. Cause without the dark we would never see the stars.



Use the hours with softness

”Work when there is work to do. Rest when you are tired. One thing done in peace will most likely be better than ten things done in panic… I am not a hero if I deny rest; I am only tired.”

– Susan McHenry


As soon as I feel out of sync with my mind and body I start feeling tired, unmotivated and stressed. Nowadays I notice it rather quickly, and I’ve learned exactly what to do in order to feel more grounded and peaceful.

Whenever I need to be refreshed or renewed I spend time alone, in stillness, use the hours with softness and show appreciation to the present moment.

There is no place more powerful than the present moment. However, most of us use this moment to think about the past or worry about the future. Very seldom we actually embrace all the wonderful things happening right now. Are you spending time with a loved one? Show gratitude. Are you lying on the couch, chilling at night? Show gratitude. Are you smelling the roses, enjoying a neat and tidy apartment? Show gratitude.

Breathe, and know everything will be okey


When you have a busy schedule it’s even more important to take a step back, and to rewind. You won’t get anything done if you’re feeling stressed out. At least nothing good will come out of it. Focus on one thing at a time. Give it your all, your fullest attention. Then, when you’re ready, move on to the next big thing. One step at a time.

The past week I’ve had two important things on my to-do-list, and I couldn’t focus on any of them completely. They are two entirely different tasks, and I realized that the only right thing to do was to choose one thing, and do my utmost to finish it before I jumped to the other task. This past weekend I completed task 1, meaning I now have plenty of time for task 2 the upcoming two weeks. Perfect.

Take time to chill


But back to feeling refreshed and renewed… Things we all can do to make every day a more peaceful day:

  • In a perfect world I start every morning on the yoga mat, followed by a short meditation. If I could choose one thing every day for the rest of my life, that would help me feel grounded, this would be it. Yoga & meditation is total relaxation for my overactive, chattery mind. However, the world is not perfect and I do not start every day like this. BUT, it’s something I strive for.
  • Focus on one task at a time. One thing done in peace will most likely be better than ten things done in panic.
  • Spend time on things you love. I give myself permission to do things that light up my soul; writing, spending time outside in the beautiful spring weather and reading books. Although I know I should read the book for my entrance exam, I give myself an hour every evening to read whatever my heart fancy at the moment.
  • Talk to your friends, loved ones & family. Keeping contact with people that are filled with good and positive vibes will affect you with high, positive energy. Do you miss someone? Give them a call. We are humans, we need each other. We need to feel connected. And it’s when you’re without someone that you truly start to understand the importance that person played in your life. Don’t take your loved ones for granted. Show appreciation.



Read this every morning

”Dear life, good morning. Thank you for always having my back.”


This is the dawn of a new day and the day of a new dawn. Today is going to be perfect. Exactly as it is meant to be. Every moment counts, and I will focus on every single second. I’m the perfect creator. I create my own life. 

I have the power to say I’m beautiful. . I’m intelligent. I’m kind. I’m curious. I’m happy. I’m alive. I’m creative. I’m powerful.

I listen to my heart. And it’s all because of you. 

There are no mistakes in life; only wins, only lessons. I’m the hero of my own story. I forgive the ones that hurt me. There is no hate within me. I’m a big heart, loving soul. Bigger than life itself. Everything I want I can have. I have the power. I choose how my life will unfold. I accept the process, the things I can’t change, and I embrace the journey. I stay curious, eager to throw myself out there. I challenge myself daily. I know, everything I need is found inside of me.

I’m grateful for everything that has happened to me, cause it has made me who I am. I’m grateful for spring and the warmth she brings. I’m grateful for the sun caressing my soul. I’m grateful for my friends. I’m grateful for you. I’m grateful for me. I’m grateful for life. I’m grateful for golden puppies, and huskies with light blue eyes.

I’m a creative soul. I choose to listen to my heart and inner voice. I let my intuition guide me. I believe in my ability to inspire. To create magic. My ability to be exactly who I am. I trust the universe. I trust life. And I trust myself. I’m unique, yet just like everyone else. We are all one. We need each other, to support each other. Without one another we would not survive. I just wanna see you shine, cause I know you are a star. 

I don’t hide my fears. I breathe through them, or speak them out. I embrace the magic that wants to come through me. It is time to step up. I wasn’t born for the sidelines. Non of us were.

There is no end destination, no final arrival time. Rather an astonishing process which I embrace with open arms, love and acceptance.


I’m not afraid. I was born to do this.


Dear spring…

… you’re my sunshine.

My darling friend, you’re beautiful from day one.

”The morning sun dazzling through the broken window. Caressing my soft heart, my recovered soul. Oh, how I adore the warmth she brings.


Life changes with the seasons. Even the coldest, darkest winter happens for a reason. However, it won’t last forever. Spring is coming. Wait, she’s already here, shining brightly on all of us. Let her embrace you. Don’t try to understand her, just love her. And let her shine. 

Through seasons she’s changing, Mother Nature. Like you, through your experiences, your being. Every second you have the possibility to move forward, to evolve. Embrace your colors. Only you decide where you’re going. Only you decide when it’s your season to change.

Know, that from all of the chaos a flower will start to blossom.

Spring is the season when I feel most alive. I blame the sunlight, the long days and short nights. The nature – pure, fresh and green. Spring might as well be cold and rainy, but it’s still spring. It’s still magic. My deepest desire is to spend every waking moment underneath the sun, close to the sea, close to the heart.

Spring is about hope. It’s about creativity and letting go of the past. Out with the old, in with the new. It’s time to let go of the opinions of others. Impress yourself. Simply amaze yourself.

Spring, let us dance in the rain. Let us play with thunder. I’m going to make everything around you ravishing – that is my purpose. All the flowers blooming just for you, my dear friend. I promise.

I believe in the beauty of life.

I let the warm days feed me with energy.

Feed me with laughter.


Spring, you’re exactly where you need to be right now. Caressing burning, open hearts.



”Breathe in life. Breathe out fear. Breathe in every moment. Breathe out every pain.”


My life is pretty hectic at the moment; I have to move by the end of next month, I’m studying for an entrance exam, I decided to participate in a writing competition, I work at a cruise ship, sailing between Finland and Sweden, AND I’m food blogging as well as writing bits and pieces for this blog (my precious baby).

When life is busy it’s even more important to chill out a bit – to learn to relax, and find a quiet and peaceful moment every day. Yes, I would like to have more time to study for the entrance exam, but here on the ship it’s pretty darn difficult to find that extra time.

However, I know everything will be just fine. And already next week I will go and look at an apartment; the very first one I applied for. Oh well, it’s just a look. Anyhow, it’s completely new so it would be awesome. One can at least dream… Life, I put my trust in you ❤

5 easy ways to relax and stay focused;


1. Meditate. 10-15 minutes a day and you will feel less stressed, more content and focused.

2. Write a to-do-listWhen you have a lot going on writing a to-do-list will be your lifesaver. Trust me.

3. Drink enough water. It’s oh so important to stay hydrated. Your thoughts will be much clearer and you will feel less sluggish, and more awake. Water is life. You need water.

4. Take short breaks. Go outside; enjoy the calmness of the sea, the beauty of the forrest and the seasons changing. Breathe in the fresh air, and know everything will be okey. Spring is a beautiful reminder that after darkness there will eventually be sunshine and light. Nature blossoms, and so do we.

5. Fuel your body. Give your body nutritious, healthy foods. Boost your immune system with loads of greens, vegetables, nuts, beans and healthy fats. Take care of yourself, cause your body needs enery in order to function properly. Don’t stress yourself out.


Dear April…

… I sense you have a heart of gold & stardust soul. Please, dance with me, the birds are singing.

”April dear, nature must be head over heels for you, the way she blossoms when you arrive.”


April is for emerging. Animals and humans awaken from the darkest of night. From the dark, dark slumber we all return to light. Through seasons we’re changing. We dream of doing everything in life, and nothing on rainy Sundays. Watching captivating sunsets and counting countless numbers of stars. Be grateful dear human, cause the flowers and the trees are blooming. Fall in love with her, again and again. Cause when she flourishes, the world spins around.

Spring, we’re oh so blessed to have you in our lives. You’re the one we always return home to. 

April is all about being kind. Finding the bright light within. Knowing that life is amazing, exactly as it is. Walking through life, carrying our burning, caring hearts. Fragile, yet so powerful. We are. It’s about believing that life is working for us, not against us. All is well. Every breath is a sign that we are. Challenge yourself to be precisely the one you were born to be. You’re human. A breathtaking, wonderful and creative creature.

Spring is here, be bold. Take the leap. And know that on cloudy days the sun is still there, underneath.

Darling April, I believe we’ll become dearest of friends. I wish to see you laugh. I hope you make me laugh. I hope you carry me when I’m tired.

I hope you dance.

And I hope you kiss my cheeks before I fall asleep.



Spread the light


”My home is within. That’s where the light is.”


Have you ever been so caught up in a stressful, painful situation that you forgot who you are? I bet you have, you are human. At some point in our lives it might have felt convenient to choose hate instead of love. Fear instead of excitement. Sadness instead of joy. Adopting fear and hatred should never be an option. Love, however, is always an option. It’s up to you to decide. 

The past days I’ve been guilty of carrying too much pain and sadness within me. Darkness had its tight grip against my neck. Luckily it felt weird having all that negativity inside of me.”This is not who I am”. I became aware of how easily too much pain can drag a person down. ”Bitterness? Within me? Who am I?” I’ve never been a human filled with hatred. I’m compassionate. Loving and caring. I’ve always loved to dress up in a smile.

Life teaches us lessons, every single day. If we let it. It’s our responsibility to act in a way that helps us grow. We’re responsible for our own happiness, for our own development.

Maybe someone treated you badly? Show compassion and humanity anyways.

Maybe you treated someone inexcusably? Give your most sincere apology and forgive yourself for behaving wrongfully.

Don’t beat yourself up. What’s done is done. Carrying hatred and grudge within you does nothing but harm – embrace the light. Embrace the love. Choose forgiveness and you’ll notice how effortless and joyous your life will become.

I know that it can be darn difficult at times, especially if you have been carrying a lot of pain for a very long time. All of a sudden happiness became something obscure. Darling friend, choose love. Always turn to love. Be grateful for having the opportunity to experience life. Never let pain, or any other emotion for that matter, define who you are. It’s merely a state of mind, something temporarily. However, banish hate. Fear and jealousy. You do not need that negativity in your life. Choose to bring out the light in people. Choose to see the bright light within yourself. It’s human to feel deep pain and sadness, it’s part of life. But you should never let it control your life. You control your life.

Surrender to the path of your own life. Accept and embrace the process. All of it.

Every moment, every breath is a gift.

Choose love.

Cause you are love.

Be you.





”Oh baby, don’t you know. You’re a goddess. Don’t let them treat you like a doormat.”


Darling friend, feed yourself daily. Fill your plate with plenty of love, kindness and respect. Don’t depend on others to do so. Don’t ever lose your dignity and self-respect trying to make people love and appreciate you, when they just aren’t capable.


The more you love yourself, the less nonsense you’ll tolerate.”


It’s easy to lose sight of oneself every once in a while. You lose yourself when you listen too closely to what everybody else has to say. You might even lose yourself in your work, in your relationship or maybe you went to school for something practical rather than following your passion. Or maybe you just wanted to ”fit in”. Whatever the reason, now is the time to bring out the human you once tucked away. Finding yourself is about removing all the layers of ”what’s expected” and what’s acceptable”. It’s about stepping fully and completely into your true Self, living your purpose and believing you can. Cause babe, you can. You just have to believe.


”A woman worth kissing is not easily kissed.”


Don’t be like the rest of them. Be you. Don’t take shit from people. Let the fire from within burn their fragile skin. Speak up for yourself and always treat yourself with respect. The people who is meant to be in your life will be there, naturally. They will walk by your side, even if the going gets touch, through pain, failure, success and fortune. They will, without a doubt, challenge you, as well as fight for you. Never ever beg someone to be in your life. Never beg for love. Respect yourself. Love yourself first, so you know what you deserve. Cause darling friend, you deserve the mother fu**ing kingdom.

And know by heart, while you’re busy respecting yourself, respect your fellow humans. Respect life.




Poetry doesn’t have to rhyme

… it just has to touch someone where your hands couldn’t.

”I shall bleed words. As soon as my tears dry up my soul will flow like a river.”



”I stopped sleeping

the day you stopped saying goodnight.”



”maybe if he closed his eyes

she would disappear

and so he did

he closed them gently


he forgot

his heart was wide open.”



”and something inside her just…

fell apart

that’s the only way she could describe it. ”



”she was monday morning

hot summer evening

soft kisses

dusty books

honey milk

and a full moon .”



”good sense of humour

dirty mind

beautiful heart

adventurous soul.


dangerous combination.”



”they were a strange love

too immature to last

too exceptional to break.”



”she wants

to be loved

with an

honest tongue,

devoted heart

and exclusive eyes.”

– unknown



i miss you the most

at 4 am

the world is still

the sky is dark

my mind is


i hope your dreams

are sweet

at 4 am.