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Everyday Habits to Change Your Life

‘Consistency is more important than perfection.’


Here is a list of small habits that will make your days more enjoyable, productive and mindful. Keep in mind that it takes approximately 21 days to form a new habit, therefore be consistent. Performing habits like these might not seem like a big deal, but it is usually the tiniest habits and routines that at the end of the day will have an huge impact. Like choosing a positive thought over a negative one, practising gratitude and drinking enough water.


  1. Wake up one hour earlier. If you’re not already waking up super early try to set your alarm one hour earlier than usual. Dedicate this extra time to yourself; enjoy your coffee, read something educational, practise yoga or take a morning walk. Getting ready for the day ahead in a calm and relaxed manner is a crucial  step towards a more productive day. At least it will help you feel more in control, since having more time will make your morning less stressful, which in turn, will make your day less stressful. A study conducted by Dr. Joerg Huber of Roehampton University in London found that ”Morning people tend to be healthier and happier as well as having lower body mass indexes.” + During this precious morning time do not use your phone. 
  2. Read a chapter every day. Whether it’s a novel, a self-development book, poetry or something educational – reading is always a good idea. It forces you to be in the moment, to unwind and stress down. Make reading a part of your morning routine and/or night-time routine.
  3. Choose positive thoughts. Become mindful of your thoughts and how they actually affect you. ”Rather than being your thoughts and emotions, be the awareness behind them.” – Eckhart Tolle. Do not judge yourself for having negative thoughts, simply notice them, and then let them go. Understand that they are only thoughts and that you hold the power to change them. Why even engage in negativity when you can choose to be positive? The decision is all yours. You have the power.
  4. Practise gratitude. When you focus on the things you have, rather than focusing on the things you do not have it creates more positivity. If you focus on all the love and support around you it will give you more love and support. A grateful heart is a magnet for more ❤ Write down 10 things every day that you are grateful for; it can be anything from clean water, a comfortable bed, a kind heart to a healthy, strong body.
  5. Spend time in nature. Sunlight. Fresh air. Calmness. Nature has a lot to offer. ”Isn’t our planet beautiful? Amazing even. We have high mountains to climb. Oceans to get lost in. Sandy beaches to marry. Forests to make us breathe more deeply. Soft snowflakes caressing our cheeks. She’s limitless and full of surprises. Let yourself become lost in her creativity.” – L.M.V
  6. Perform an act of kindness. Do something nice for someone else, every day. A random act of kindness can totally turn a person’s day around. And while you’re at it – be kind to yourself. Always be kind to yourself. Choose healthy, nutritious foods – because your body, mind and soul are worth it. Give yourself time to exercise – your body will thank you, and you will have more energy to do all the things you wish to do.
  7. Make time for the things you enjoy. If it so means that you have to get up one hour earlier. Dedicating time for the things you enjoy doing is crucial for your well-being. The days may be hectic and life is passing by in high-speed, but there is always time for the things you love. It is called prioritising.
  8. Always carry a water bottle with you. Dehydration is not fun; it makes you feel tired, sluggish and unfocused. Always make sure you bring your water bottle with you. Thirsty? Put down the soda and grab water. Your body is made up of 50-75 % water. You need to keep that water intake going for your body’s production. ”85 percent of your brain tissue is comprised of water, so if you’re dehydrated, your body and mind will both be stressed.”
  9. Learn to just be. Let yourself fully become one with the present moment. Usually this happens when you do the things you love. Hours pass by without you even noticing. For example I have become more aware of my surroundings when I go for a walk without my head phones on; It helps my mind to calm down and makes room for creative thoughts to enter.
  10. Be active in your everyday life. While it is important that you workout regularly it is crucial that you are active in your everyday life. Take a short walk during lunch-break, skip the elevator, buy a bicycle. If you have two legs make sure that you are using them. Be grateful for having two legs.

Day Trip & Own Creation

‘psithurism  (noun) = the sound of the wind through trees.’


It was a cold and crisp November’s day when I got the most spontaneous idea to go to Sigtuna, a small and cosy town approx. 2 hours from Stockholm. Or actually, the idea came during my morning meditation. I had this voice inside my head; ‘You have to go to the cosy little town outside Stockholm that your friend keeps talking about all the time.’ I did not remember the name of this cosy, little town though. But thank you Google.

I was very pleased because my friend Emelie had a day off and was happy to join. We strolled around, trying to keep ourselves warm, had lunch at the main hotel in town and enjoyed a beautiful sunset by the water. Nature and stillness – and the brain is intact again.


I received my book in the mailbox today! I have to proof read it first, and then I might order some more copies so I can give to friends and family. Yes, I wrote a short piece this summer/fall… Mostly poetry and words filled with pure passion. It is about Mother Nature, evolving and learning to appreciate the present moment, simply because the now is wow. I had this strong feeling that I had to create something. It is not a master’s piece, it is my work of art. It is far from perfection, but it is a learning process. We all have to start somewhere. The most important thing actually is to start. To dare to start although you are not ready.

‘I’m not a writer, I just love to write. I’m not an inspirer, I just love to inspire. I’m not brave, I just love to inspire people to be brave, cause then at the same time maybe I can inspire myself.’

– Linda

Pre Beauty Sleep


‘Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.’

– Albert Einstein

Evening routine

1. Write


Sometimes I like to practise writing without having any structure, just letting the mind say what it has to say. I like the thought of not thinking too much about anything. But usually, in the evenings, my mind wish to be a complete mess of thoughts, and I allow it. Letting the mind completely unwind and relax is very important. You need that. Your brain needs that. I try to focus on not focusing too much. Something like that. Doesn’t always turn out the way I want it. I have become to realise that I sleep much better, more beautifully, if I write down my mind’s stories before bedtime. Like when you were a child and your parents read good-night-stories (hoping that you would fall a sleep before the news).

However, now we are old enough to create our own stories. Although, we were actually around 4 when we started creating all kind of different stories. Already then is the mind filled with creativity. The creativity of a child is limitless, since the mind of a child (usually) has no fear. A child can easily see the joy and happiness in the simplest of things. We can never take that away from her, instead we should let her teach us. The child do not care about what others think about her story. She creates from her heart, simply because, she loves her heart. And she will love her heart until the day when she grows older, and the real world tells her not to.


his voice, an echo in her mind, like she could hear all the lovely thoughts so clearly, truthfully for what they are. words are simply words. it is the meaning you attach to them that allows you to make sense to them. like grabbing forgotten memories and breathing them into life. and then you realise they become something much greater than a word. much more than a memory. because all of a sudden they become everything. they become life. they become your heart pumping hundred times faster. they become we.

as she sat there in stillness, all these words, the echo of his voice, came running through her body. she came to realise, and finally, she could fall a sleep with hope and faith peacefully resting in her heart. 

2. Fall a sleep.

And just like that she falls a sleep.


‘sleeping allows the soul to awaken.

creating dreams from out of nowhere?


we dream our biggest dreams,

we dream our biggest lives.


that’s why sleep is so important,

you allow yourself to come alive.’


i wonder what i look like in your dreams

Dear Future Job

Dear future job,


I can choose to continue to scroll through job ads without finding any position that fits my profile. OR I can choose to throw myself out there, head first, making myself visible, so that the one and only, spot-on job (you) finally can find me. Working together, successfully ever after.

If you would examine my brain you would most probably think I am a chaotic mess. However, that is far from the truth; I am organized, altruistic, driven and creative (thanks to my disorganized brain). Although my mind is constantly chatting – you know, I am one of those who think before they speak – I always seem to somehow separate and remove all the clutter from the important information, the things that make sense, make us proceed.

I love writing. Writing is my home. Whenever I feel sad, in love, anxious, eager to inspire or excited I return home. Please, prepare yourself – being with me involves writing.

Another thing that I am deeply passionate about is people. We are wonderful creatures, aren’t we? Complex, yet wonderful. If we only knew how magnificent, imagine all that we could accomplish! I once got a self-made painting from a young, happy customer whose day I had made. There is no monthly paycheck in the world that is comparable to a gift of kindness.

Excellent people skills they say. Perhaps you will become aware, that there is truth in that statement; all the years in customer service, as well as working within communications, building long-term relationships with influencers, have thought me enormously. Humans want to be seen. Want to be heard. We want to be encouraged, amused and valued. We need someone to believe in us, especially when we are too scared to believe in ourselves.

Dear future job, I am passionate about a lot of things; I guess I am passionate about life. With me, you will become to realize the importance of education. When we face challenges and stumble upon questions we do not yet master we do the research – we gather information and we learn. Together we grow.

What is more, together we practice kindness, diplomacy and creativity. Our vision is to inspire, make humans aware that there is so much more to life if we had the courage to step outside our comfort zones. Together we value heart-warming gestures, hard work and purpose driven actions.

Therefore, dear future job, when you are ready for a deep, fulfilling and successful relationship do not hesitate to contact me. It will be grand, and I am as ready as I will ever be.

(And yes I have a degree and all that. Actually I have two… So do not worry.)

Yours sincerely,

Linda Maria Vestman

soul on a piece of paper

‘the moon shines its brightest merely so we can come alive.’


it’s the silence that speaks to me

dangerously impatient

it has something to tell

oh how i wish you knew


nature in its purest form

only exists

she observes our every move

shocked by our consciousness

and how it simply does not notice

all of the magic it has been given


if i would write

my future

i would put

your soul

in every word

dangerously charming



lost in all intelligence

beautiful while sleeping

every precious breath

caressing my heart

not purely words

your soul

my life


we fall, we get up
we fall, we get up
we fall, we get up
we accomplish, we shine
and passivity hunts us down
never getting up again


the intensity of her dark gaze,

and he knows

her soul was born to simply amaze,

repairing broken hearts


when I think of you
the moon shines brighter
like an answer to all of my million questions
knowing that you can’t hear them
yet you can see them
you just have to take a glimpse at the sky
but how come I feel
you never do


every word has beauty. uniqueness. on its own it’s perceived as solely a word, but in a sentence it becomes life


The mentality of successful people

‘The key to success is to start before you are ready.’


One thing I have become slightly obsessed with the past year is reading about, and listening to inspirational people. In my opinion, inspiring people are those who are living their passion, following their dreams and pursuing their goals in life.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what differs a person who actually takes action to chase his/her dreams to the one who just talks about his/her dreams. It is very easy to talk about what we want in life, write about it, and dream about it. We might even visualize how we achieve our dreams and our goals. But it all stops there.

What traits do these successful humans have that the persons who is stuck in their dreams, and keep on being stuck in their dreams, do not have?

  1. They take action. These people know that in order to achieve and become successful they have to work hard. Nothing comes easy. It is not enough that you talk about how you wish your life to look like, or how often you dream about that company you would like to build, or all that money you would like to have. ‘Oh if only I hade more time.’ ‘I will do it next year when I am ready.’ You. Need. To. Take. Action. And you need to do it now – not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. Now. You have to start somewhere, start small. Just start, because frankly speaking there is no excuse for not trying. You have to prepare yourself. You do not have to be 100 % ready, since lets face it this feeling of ”being ready” won’t come knocking on your door with flowers and chocolate in he middle of the night. No, you make time for the things you want. You create opportunities. A year from now you will be happy that you started today.


  1. They have confidence. This is a tricky one, because if you do not have confidence it will most likely be very difficult to create confidence out of the blue. It takes practice, and a strong belief in oneself and what one is capable of. You have to learn about yourself, you have to fall deeply and madly in love with yourself (the worst cliché ever, I know, but at the same time it is true). You have to know that you are worthy of having the things you wish for in life. The more we learn about ourselves, and accept ourselves for who we truly are, our confidence will grow stronger. Core confidence is knowing that although you get fired from your job, or rejected for your work, you know deep down inside that despite these things you are worthy, and you get back up. Everyone makes mistakes; it is part of human life. You learn from your mistakes, you grow and you find yourself in the progress.


  1. They have faith. They believe in the things they cannot yet see; simply because they know, they have a strong feeling that things will finally fall into place. They know that the combination of hard work and having the ability to believe is the strongest force. While they have a clear vision of the end-goal, they also know that in order to reach that beautiful destination they have to enjoy the journey as well.


  1. They have desire. Successful people have passion; they love what they are doing. Honestly, it is rather obvious, because if you do not love what you are doing you will sooner or later give up. Because it will be hard, it will be challenging, and all people will not agree with what you are doing. BUT you continue because deep down inside you know that this is the right path for you. You do not give up when things get uncomfortable; you roll up your sleeves and get to work.


  1. They give. They have developed a mindset where they focus on how they can contribute to the world and to the people around them. They do not solely think about making money and how they can improve themselves, but instead how they can improve the lives of others. In order to receive you have to give. You have to share your talents with the rest of the world. How can they benefit from what you are doing? We are in this together, how can we help and serve each other in the most successful way?


  1. They focus on themselves. Do not compare yourself to others. Focus on your unique talents, your unique traits. What are you good at? Focus on your assets. It is the strengths you need to polish, and you have to make them even stronger. We all have weaknesses, and it is important that we become aware of them, but we should not focus on the things we cannot do. Instead focus on the things that make you great, and make them even greater.


  1. They have a willingness to learn. Be open-minded, learn new things – it makes you more creative. You can never have too much knowledge. Take every moment to improve yourself – if you stumble upon something that makes you uncomfortable, something that is new to you, then use that opportunity to gather new information and new knowledge.


  1. They ask for help & They are grateful. Successful people know that they are not great at everything. They gather knowledge and advise from others. They learn from others. They build an encouraging team around themselves, because they know that together they become stronger. And furthermore, they practice gratitude, every damn day. They are grateful for every achievements in life, because they know that they would not be the person they are today if it were not for all the things they done so far.


  1. They make time for things that make them feel relaxed. They know the importance of taking time-out and recharging their batteries. They do things that give them energy to proceed, and succeed. Whether it is practicing meditation, travelling, spending time in nature or cooking a meal to their family; they do it because it makes them rejuvenated.


  1. They do not swim in the past. Yes we learn from both our previous failures and victories, but they happened in the past. They have occurred, we reflect, and we move on. Successful people know that the now is the only thing they have and from there they move forward.


I could easily write about this subject for hours, but I think I have to end it here. If I ever When I write my masters thesis I would delightedly want the research questions to be something regarding the mindset of successful people. How do they think? Do their brains look differently? How come some people succeed while others don’t? Meanwhile it is good to make oneself prepared, and to soak up as much knowledge as possible. Whatever you wish to do, big or small, now is a great time to start.



‘You write your life every day. Remember to edit it as well;every piece of it, every teeny-tiny word and detail. It’s your work of art after all.’


To have a balanced lifestyle – What does that even mean? I always thought that balance is something all humans need to strive for, in order to feel content and at peace. But when I started to think about it more deeply – the actual meaning of the word “balance” – I slowly started to change my mind about the concept that we all need to find balance in order to have a happy and fulfilling life. 

The meaning of the word balance according to Oxford dictionary;

‘To be in a position where you will stand without falling to either side, or to put something in this position.’

‘To give several things equal amounts of importance, time, or money so that a situation is successful.’

There are, however, many different types of meanings to the word, based on the condition. Balance is so distinctive, depending on whom you are talking to. What may be considered, as balance to me, may seem like total madness to you.

Most certainly we have balance during some micro periods in life (according to our own definition of the expression that is) but life happens, continuously. All day every day things and circumstances are thrown at us. It would be ridiculous if we would stay on track each and every day. We are humans after all, not aliens.

We cannot control everything that is happening around us. Sometimes we just have to chill, even if that means we are off balance. Oh my! You might become aware that yo do not have time to train seven days a week for two hours straight, read a new book every week, write your own book, meditate for 20 minutes a day, practice yoga every morning, work 10 hours straight, find your soul’s purpose, be a good wife/husband, pet the dog, water the flowers, travel the world, teach your children how to be great role models. I can go on for hours here, but I think you get the point.

‘Oh the beauty of life. The beauty of admitting that life isn’t perfect, and that there is nothing such as balance.’


We need to accept that we aren’t perfect. Life is like a dance. Sometimes you dance in perfect harmony with the persons you love, a beautiful passionate ballet piece. And sometimes you just don’t. You just sit there on the bench, pulling out nose hairs, and no one is asking you to dance. AND if you might be willing to dance it ends up as a messy and non-rhythmical mix of ‘wake me up before you go-go’. Oh the beauty of life. The beauty of admitting that life isn’t perfect, and that there is nothing such as balance.

Last year I was training too much – I was approximately hitting the gym every day for probably 4 to 5 months. I thought that I found balance. But then all of a sudden odd aches and pains in my joints, bones and limbs started to show up. I felt tired and sluggish during the day; the workouts made me feel fatigued, not energized like a workout should make you feel. And the worst part – I was terrified of taking a rest day. I had hit a plateau, and the workouts did not benefit me in any way. Overtraining is an imbalance between work and recovery. When you put too much stress on the body and do not give it the proper amount of rest, various undesirable things happen. The common side effects cited clinically are a state of chronic fatigue, depression, and underperformance despite rest. However, I was not over trained, just training too much and not listening to my body’s needs.

Somehow I managed to take that first, and well needed, rest day. I started doing other things, like writing, reading, wearing normal clothes, listening to inspirational podcasts, walking in nature just for the fun of it, and I began to stretch. The best decision ever, cause it brought me to yoga. I began to understand the importance of rest and to let the immune system build back up.

Now I am at this stage where I have no anxiety if I do not workout for three days in a row. Yes I am still learning, meaning a week without a workout and I start to feel a little distressed. But what I am trying to say here is that I now train because it makes me feel good, it makes me feel happy, alive and energized. I do not train because ‘I have to’.

With that being said. Sometimes we just do our best, we do what we think are the best thing for us at the time being. It might be the right thing, or it might be completely wrong. We are humans – we live and we learn. And that is something I will never stop doing; learning and educating myself. Since the day will never come when we can honestly say to ourselves; ‘Now I am fully learned, I have gained all the knowledge I need.’

No, darling, you keep on learning until the day you die.


The Brave Human

‘You do not have to have all the answers. Sometimes you just pause. Take time-out, and let it be. Eventually, when you are ready, magic starts to happen.’


Imagine you came up with the best idea. You feel immensely excited and proud, and you cannot wait to get started to bring it to life. But then all of a sudden these thoughts take over; ‘What the hell are you thinking? You cannot do that. You are not smart or creative enough. There is already someone doing precisely that, and they are better than you, much better. You are not good enough. Who do you think you are?’ ENOUGH! Enough already.

These negative thought patterns do not serve you in any way. They do not bring you forward; in fact, they take you a thousand steps backwards. Let them come, but most importantly – let them go. Do not dwell upon them, and do not engage in them. You do not want them taking over your mindset. Do not let them settle down and get comfortable. In the end they are only thoughts, and you decide how much effort you put into them. Speak up for yourself. Make them feel uncomfortable. The power belongs to you, not to your thoughts. There is no room for negative thoughts inside your head. They belong somewhere far far away, somewhere in outer space. Although, on second thought, why would they even be worthy of being out there in beautiful space, no, they need to dissolve into thin air.

“Having a positive mindset, a positive outlook on life changes everything.”


Choosing positive thoughts is extremely important. It changes how you view yourself, your opinions of others and how you react to the things happening around you – thoughts influence your everyday life. However, it is easier said than done to master one’s thoughts. Some days it seems impossible, whilst other days it comes oh so naturally.

You will not always be the most intelligent person in the room, and you will not always be the strongest, or the most beautiful or talented. But you can always be brave, and you can always be kind. And these are the things you should hold on to, each and every minute of the day for the rest of your life. Yes there are a lot of great things we can be, but in the end, some things are far more significant. Because what is intelligence without kindness? What is beauty without braveness? What is talent if it is not backed up with boldness?

Being brave takes practice. Consistent practice. Or maybe it happens over night. Maybe you came to the conclusion that you have had enough, enough of self-doubt and low self-esteem so you finally, in a blink of an eye, decided to let go. Oh what a relief! Good for you.

‘We have to be brave to live the life we actually came here to live.’


Or maybe it takes time? Then let it take time. Never ever give up though. Never ever give up on yourself. You are a wonderful creature, and all the things you can do! Oh my! If you only knew that you already have it. It is there, deep down inside of you. You. Have. To. Let. It. Out. You have to believe in order to receive. You have to believe in yourself. Yes, you will make mistakes along the way, but you know, besides that you will recover, you will grow. You will also get this feeling of overpowering satisfaction of actually trying, of truly being brave enough to try.

We have to be brave to live the life we actually came here to live. Some people might even call you naïve. ‘What are you trying to do? Save the world? Follow you heart? What does that even mean?’ Let them call you whatever they want to; let them call you childlike, simple, innocent. Whatever box they wish to put you in, let them. It is their decision, not yours. Instead focus on the thing that lights a fire inside of you and makes you happy that you are alive. You are fortunate enough to live the life you always wanted. It is there, right in front of you. You might not see it yet, but it is there, you just have to believe. Believe and be brave. Even if that means you have to become wildly naïve (although it actually means you have become wildly powerful).

And you know the best part of being brave? It encourages others to be brave. And we need that. The world needs a lot of bravery. An immense amount. The world needs kindness, passion and faith. It needs you to be brave enough to be you.



Random Monday Thoughts

‘The ordinary things? The ordinary moments? – They aren’t ordinary.’


I hope your Monday is as sunny as mine. Beautiful autumn day. Here are some random thoughts, this time about ambition, volunteering and morning routines.

Some inspiring words about ambition I read the other day: ”In this life never settle for average. Be elite. There will be highs and lows but this is what you signed up for by aligning yourself with your ambition. Within the journey are your lessons, your personal development, your suffering, your joy, and your brilliant success. Your ambition will teach you that your struggles, your hustle, and your battles are blessings. Ultimate success in life comes not from something external, but from something deeply internal. It comes from a sense of esteem you hold about yourself, which is not something you can ever get from someone else. You must use what drives your ambition to continue to grow and push yourself, to do more and give more than is comfortable or you even thought possible. The wealthiest person on earth is the person who appreciates, who makes a difference in the lives of others, who is grateful, and who is driven to have an impact.”

The International Volunteer day 2017 is celebrated worldwide on December the 5th. UN has started a campaign ‘Volunteers act first. Here. Everywhere.’ which is a recognition of the positive solidarity of volunteers around the world. If you thought about volunteering, but you do not want to move or have the possibility to live abroad, you can change the world through online volunteering. There are many ways to volunteer online such as translation work, writing & editing, research, art & design, technology development, teaching & training, project development and management just to mention a few areas.

The importance of having a morning routine. Having a morning routine helps you prepare for the day ahead. It helps you have the right mindset and focus. You are prepared and in control; you are pro-active, productive, energized and content. Wake up an hour earlier than usual and dedicate time for the things that make you feel positive, and ready to take on the world. It can be anything from 15 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of yoga & stretching, going for a a run, reading, writing, to visualizing how you want the day to go.

Have a productive week, whatever you decide to do ❤





‘Let us create a world where butterflies are free to fly.’


We are humans. We can do anything.

Let us create a world filled with heart. A world filled with warmth and kindness. We can do anything? Why don’t we?

Let us create trust and forgiveness. Hope and dreams. We are intelligent; we can’t let technology outsmart us. We are bright, we have emotions, and we have a soul.

Each and every one of us has something to offer to this world. We have to let ourselves thrive. We have to let others shine. Let us create a world where there is no jealousy, no bitterness over other people’s accomplishments. Let us celebrate every win, every victory. When a person succeeds, it means that also you have the possibility. There is plenty of abundance in the world.

Let us create a healthy, flourishing environment. Awareness. We have to understand that living in denial only puts more pressure on our planet. We have to take action. We have to create opportunities. We. Have. To. Become. Aware.

‘The ones that are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do.’

– Steve Jobs

Let us create a world where there is peace. We are humans; In the end we will all die. I refuse to believe we were put on this planet to make war, create hate, anger and envy. We are smarter than that. We are humans.

Let us help each other, because we need each other’s support. We need compassion, intimacy and friendship. Together we can achieve anything. Together we are stronger.

Let us create a magnificent planet, one which makes our grandchildren proud. One where they can play, laugh, dream, love and achieve  greatness. Like we did. She almost reached the breaking point, but we saved her. We saved our beauty before it was too late. Let us create hope. Let us create a world where butterflies are free to fly.