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Trusting yourself

”Darling, there’s sunshine and stardust pouring out of your veins.”

A key ingredient in this beautiful, yet unpredictable life is trusting yourself. As soon as you begin to trust yourself you’ll learn how to dance through life, cultivating courage, self-worth and compassion. Wherever you go begin to plant all these wonderful things that you are. When you start to put complete trust in yourself you’ll automatically become more confident in your own skin.

What determines your worth?

Think about it for a minute.

Is it your looks? The amount of friends you have? Your income? Your job title? Where you were born? Your skin colour? Or do you depend on other people to make you feel valuable?

Question your belief systems. Why do you have them, and where do they steam from? Be clear and completely honest with yourself when answering these questions. Writing your thoughts down might make it easier to understand yourself as you read your words out loud. The goal is to better your self, and to become more self-aware.

Own who you are.

Self-worth isn’t something you obtain from someone else. You decide your worth. No one can tell you if you’re worthy or not. Don’t ever give that power away; you hold that power.We put so much value in other people’s opinions that we forget about our own opinions. Darling, please stop putting value in other people assumptions about who they think you are, and who they think you should be. In the end it’s nothing but their expectations and beliefs about you.

You need to trust yourself.

Step outside your comfy shoes; the ones that taught you how to walk. It’s about time you go and buy yourself a new pair of shoes; and as we all know it takes a while before it feels convenient to walk in new shoes. While you’re busy walking, or dancing, in your neat and somewhat uncomfy shoes remember; you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but as long as you stay true and authentic to yourself you’ll make the right decisions in life.

Go within. Be introspective. 

Whenever you have a bad day, feel anxious, unworthy and out of alignment with yourself trust the timing of your life. Nothing will ever be enough externally than what you have within. It’s the biggest treasure you’ll ever have. It’s a vast world you got there – explore it, dive right in, and let sunshine and stardust pour out of your veins.

Clear your mind. Clear your thoughts. 

Be there for yourself.

Stop feeling unworthy; instead embrace your flaws and harness your talents. Learn about yourself – when are you at your best? What comes naturally to you? What skills do you need to work on? Never stop educating yourself; read books, listen to podcasts and fine-tune your competencies.

When you befriend your inner voice, become conscious and alert to what’s happening on the inside you’re present. As soon as you become aware of the untrusting voice in your head you’ve the power to let it go. Do you even know how powerful you are?

Be still and alert, the earth is dancing. 

Meditation has been a huge part in my life the past year. It has helped me tremendously when it comes to trusting myself, my intuition and my abilities. Furthermore, it has made me realize that we are so much more than our physical appearance.

We are walking on this planet called earth, spinning around in the middle of an infinite universe, and just like the limitless night sky we’re far greater beings than our human mind can grasp.




Everything in its time

”Allow your life to unfold naturally.”


Random thoughts of the day.

There’s a time for being ahead. A time for being at peace. There’s a time for being in motion. A time for being at rest. There’s a time for being vigorous. A time for being exhausted. To everything there’s a season. There’s a time for every purpose under the sun. 

The words above got stuck with me as I listened to them the other day.


No storm can last forever. Not even nature can create a storm that lasts forever. Hidden within every struggle is victory. Within every failure lies an opportunity. Hidden within yourself is everything you’ll ever need; power, love, compassion, joy, success and abundance. Every battle, and every difficulty molds you into a stronger human. As long as you know that you’re on the right path you’ll eventually end up where you want to go. There is and there was nothing like you, and there shall be nothing like you. Therefore, never seek to compare yourself with others. Nonetheless, let yourself be inspired by the people around you.

Realize that you don’t have any real control over how things will turn out. And isn’t that the beauty of life? To finally let go of the things beyond our control. Self-awareness is one of the most important elements when it comes to self-realization as it taps into the intuition and instinct. Trust the voice within; trust that you have all the answers you’re seeking. There are times when we’re so fully engaged in things happening in the outside world that we simply forget to connect with the vast world within. Rest assured; the more you listen to and trust your own unique voice things will start flowing more effortlessly, regardless of how chaotic life may seem.

”A journey of a thousand miles begins with one first step.”

– Lao Tzu

Now is the perfect time to focus on how to enjoy life more fully, and bring what you desire to the world. What are you longing for? Now is the perfect time to start. Not tomorrow. Not next week or month. Now. A seed grows into a tree not in a wink of an eye, but with patience and humility over a period of time. A peaceful and calm mind is a powerful source of energy. Breathe new life into your being if that’s what you need. Listen to your body; what does it ask for? Rest? Action? Compassion? Excitement?

Listen within.


Advice for today (or any day for that matter); spend time in nature. Play with her, dance with her, trust her. Walk barefoot if possible. Touch the grass, feel the ground underneath. Talk to the stars, laugh at the moon. Let the soft raindrops wash your troubles away. Embrace mother nature as she protects every step you take.



Full Moon painting.

”when your heart quietly at rest
remember even the moon shines
its brightest during darkness.”

– L.M.V


Never be afraid of change

”Choose to shine even after all the storms you’ve been through.”


Change can be hard, intimidating and messy. Painful even. However, in order to grow as humans we’ve to change. We’ve to challenge ourselves, and never be afraid of trying new things. Stay open minded – the world is limitless. Stay curious -the world is filled with possibilities. Change is helping you to become the person you’re meant to become. 

Rule number 1 – You are not here to make others understand you. You’re here to understand yourself. The more you get to know yourself, the more effortless your life will become. Aristotle once said: ”Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  It’s usually through change that you’ll find your true, authentic self. Change can of course be painless, simple and smooth – especially if you’re the one in charge of the change. Then I believe it’s more about the internal change, in other words; If you want to change what’s going on around you, you’ve to change what’s going on within you.

Still, there will be times when things happen that is beyond your control.

I’ve always had mixed feelings when it comes to change. Deep down I know that change should be regarded as something positive, something taking us further in life, whether it’s good or bad change. However, in reality I often find myself struggling when trying to adapt to things not working out as I’ve planned (*control freak*). There have been big changes happening for me this past year. Difficult changes. Yet, through employing mindful thinking, becoming more present, and learning to let go of having to control the future I’ve learned to embrace uncertainty and accept things simply as they are – worrying doesn’t take away tomorrows troubles, it takes away today’s peace.

Within a month I’ll be moving and today I realised that the name of the building I’m moving into is ”pilen”- arrow in english.

”An arrow can only be shot by pulling it backwards. When life is dragging you back with difficulties, it means it’s going to launch you into something great. So just focus and keep aiming.”

That’s a sign, I just know it! 


And isn’t life all about constantly evolving, growing and striving to be the best version we can be? To be able to challenge the mind, and not be afraid of questioning the traditional way of thinking? It’s never too late for anything; to learn a new skill, to think differently, to become more positive, confident or successful. Old ways won’t open new doors. Darling, open the door, although you don’t know what will meet and great you on the other side. Live a little.

This summer I suddenly had this epiphany that I’ve to start painting. And believe me when I say; I’ve never been good at painting, and I really sucked at it at school. Nevertheless, my gut feeling told me that ”Linda you need to start painting”, and as you might know I have a strong intuition, and I’ve learned to listen to it more and more the past year. I finally decided to give this painting-thing a try, and instantly my soul made a somersault.

Painting is better than anything I’ve done before. It’s meditative, relaxing, imaginative, fun and soul awakening – it’s absolutely mind blowing (and I don’t exaggerate, not even a little). It suits my soul perfectly; my soul and painting = like two peas in a pod.

I think that everything I’ve been through lately has taken me to were I am at the moment; I’m more aware, more mindful, and a more creative human. Less afraid. I listen to my intuition, and I’ve begun to trust in the magic of new beginnings. Of course I’ve days when everything feels difficult and I just wan’t to feel sorry for myself, days when I feel anxious and terrified of the future. However, these feeling won’t last for long since I’ve learned to listen to them, accept them, but most importantly I’ve learned to let them go.

Know, that whatever hardship you’re going through at the moment it will eventually bring you to were you belong.

With ❤



Present Moment Experience

”In most cases, the universe does not allow us to move forward until we have honored where we are right know.”


The leaves dancing in the breath of wind, as the bird performing its final poem. Until next year, dear humming creature, until next year. The warm breeze caressing my fragile skin. Breathing it all in, while autumn laughing in the warm-hearted wind. I’ll carry your lyrics, wherever I go. Sing to me, little creature, sing to me. 

This is the door to all that is. Celebrate the moment, and awake to the magic unfolding. 

The present moment – the only moment there is for us to be alive. Humans are very good at preparing to live, but not very good a living. Habitually dwelling in the past and dreaming of the future, while having difficulties concentrating the mind on the present moment. Wherever you are – know that you are home. Wherever you find yourself; whether you’re stuck in a rut, anxious, or simply lost in the fast spinning outside world – whatever the present moment contains – accept, then act. Always work with life, not against life. Don’t feel like life is controlling you, you are controlling life. You possess the ultimate control. And yes, life will hit you, but know that you’ll never grow with the perfect life.

One way of controlling life is by becoming more present. A sense of peace will unfold the moment you start living in the now; become fully present, and thankful that a new day has arisen. Let go of the outcome, and learn to be positive and content with the moment you’re in.


”There’s nothing wrong in looking forward to the future, but remember to love today’s breathe.”

– L.M.V


Present moment experience


As I’m reading Sacred Powers by Davidji I wanted to share with you how he explains the six stages of a present moment experience.

According to Davidji every present moment experience contains a six-stage evolution: settling, witnessing, drifting, judging, surrendering, and stillness. When we’re ready to fully accept and understand that this is exactly what the experience is supposed to be we’ve found the key to cultivating a regular and consistent practice of presence in our life. It’s not about perfection; it’s about surrendering to what is, accepting the present moment.

Settling – To begin any practice we’ve to begin to settle in. We find a comfortable space and eliminate as many distractions as possible by closing our eyes. Then we take a long, slow and deep breath in through our nose, and then gently and naturally we breathe out. Creating a peaceful space within.

Witnessing – We begin to watch our breath as it flows in and as it flows out. Simply observing it, and how it gives us life. Staying in the space of observing, witnessing and watching. Every time you witness, you strengthen your ability to stay in that state longer and more easily.

Drifting – It’s natural that we start to drift toward thoughts, sounds and physical sensations after holding our attention for an extended period of time on anything. This means that you are alive; your brain is doing what it has been trained to do – processing thoughts.

Judging – The moment you begin to evaluate and criticize the thoughts flowing into you, or the way you’re breathing the judging perfectionist has arrived. The one that believes that a present moment experience is supposed to be a blissed-out Zen experience filled with peace and light.

Surrendering – Humans have about 70.000 thoughts a day. When you notice the inner critic judging you for having thoughts, remind yourself to just relax. There’s no right or wrong thoughts; accept them for what they are – thoughts – let go, settle down and go back to witnessing. Once you’ve accepted that drifting and judging are natural aspects of the process, then and only then, you can fully surrender.

Stillness – As you get more relaxed gently drifting back and forth, you’ll start to spend a little more time witnessing and a little less time judging your thoughts. The more comfortable you become with being the observer the easier it will be to bring presence into your every-day-life. Suddenly you’ll find yourself being fully present when talking to a loved one or the stranger at the cashier, without you really having to do anything else differently in your life.

(Sacred Powers – The Five Secrets to Awakening Transformation. By Davidji, 2017.) 


Be still and observe; the earth is dancing.


Dear September…

… your colorful and humble character awakens my soul.

”I can hear autumn laughing in the breeze.”


The leaves shine bright in warm golden light. Utterly mesmerized, while watching summer falling so artlessly in love with September, whispering final words of goodbyes. Be aware darling human, be aware, you’re shifting just like the softest, brittlest wind. Stay open, be alert,

now is the perfect time for a rebirth.

While I’ve always kept summer close to my heart, still and all I believe my soul breathes for fall. 

September is for blissful mornings. Dark, quiet evenings. Golden opportunities from dusk till dawn. The bright warming sunlight caressing thirsty hearts. Awaken dear human, awaken your soul; September is for seeking knowledge, the truth resting deep within. Savor every breath of this moment, while summer so effortlessly turns into fall. It’s pure beauty, pure art. Nature soothes us with her colorful heart. Wherever we go, whenever we fall, Mother Nature’s passionate spirit embraces us all.

Make a choice, take the leap, and don’t you dare to forget your true worth underneath.

September darling! You teach us that it’s never too late for new beginnings. It’s never too late to reinvent oneself. In the midst of all the chaos you’ll find yourself. Don’t be afraid to start again. Begin again. Again and again.

Close your eyes to old ends, open your heart to new beginnings.

It’s time to move forward, time to evolve. Dear September, take our hand, it’s time to resolve. Guide us to where we need to be; You always have the power to shift your life from where you are, to where you you’d like to be.

I know summer, you do not want to leave. However, your tight grip makes it hard to breathe. Please make room for her colorful soul, await, it’s time for her to become whole.

You’re one of a kind, so perfectly designed. I sense something wonderful is about to unwind. Please prepare, everything is perfectly aligned.


Be good to us, dear September, be good to us.


Positivity boost

”Dear human, something wonderful is about to happen.”


There are days when I have to remind also myself of the things I speak so highly of. Like for example the importance of having a positive mindset, no matter what life throws at you. There are a few empowering self beliefs that have the power to change your life. Simply ‘cause I strongly believe; you become what you believe.

Our beliefs determine how we treat ourselves, but also how we choose to live our life and treat other people. These beliefs are deeply rooted within us, and therefore it can be very hard to change them. If you notice that your self beliefs are too negative then it’s only one person who can help you, and that person is you.

However, in order to change something you first have to become aware of the ”problem”. Bring awareness into your life; the first step in reframing your thoughts is to listen and be aware of them so you can better understand them and your behaviour.

The next step is to challenge your beliefs; bare in mind not all your thoughts are true. Your thoughts don’t define you, just because your mind choose to think negatively you don’t have to accept it – challenge your thoughts by adopting a more positive attitude.

Observe your environment; it can have a great impact on the way you talk to yourself. If you notice that your environment is bringing you more negative feelings than positive ones it might be time to change environment.

Remember, choosing positive thoughts is a daily practice – when repeating positive thoughts you’ll develop a kinder and more gentle way to talk to yourself. I’ve had to remind myself of this rather frequently lately.

Take action ->

You can’t just wait for good things to happen to you. You’ll have to employ strategies against negative self-talk and negative feelings:

  • Use positive affirmations/positive thinking daily to set yourself up for success. Always assume the best. If something bad happens, think of it as a challenge. Everything happens for a reason, you might not understand the reason right now, but eventually it will come to you.
  • Visualize your success. You have to be able to see it in your mind before you’re able to see it in your reality. Already as a child visualization came naturally to me. For example when I was 11 years old and competed in long jump; Before the competitions I usually visualized the perfect jump that would give me the gold medal. And believe it or not, I got the gold medal 😉 Somehow I believe I was smarter back then, or at least I had more courage.
  • Don’t be a victim. Take ownership of your feelings and emotions. Become aware of the things that upset you and choose to work on it. The more self-aware you are, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • Learn from your mistakes. Your failures are your lessons, and shouldn’t be regarded merely as something negative. Failures are circumstances that help us become more self-aware, there lies tremendous opportunities within every failure – a possibility for growth and development. With a mindset like that there’s plenty of room for expansion, and success will be inevitable.



How to be more productive

”Stay focused and get sh*t done.”


How to get things done when you’re completely overwhelmed?

Fall is here and it’s time to get back to work and/or school. Have you ever told yourself that; ”There isn’t enough time in one day?” The truth is; there is more than enough time, it’s how you choose to spend your time that matters. It’s for example easy to lose focus if you’re used to checking your phone every five minutes. If you feel like there isn’t enough time, start to observe what you’re doing with your time. How can you become more effective?

Structure your days, focus on what you can change and take action – in order to stay ahead of the game.

Below you’ll find 5 hacks that will make your days more productive;

Be proactive.

This advice is from the book ”7 Habits of Highly Effective People” by Stephen R. Covey. Focus on the things you can change, instead of worrying about the things on which you have no control. And do it proactively, before you’re forced to do something about it.

Create a morning routine.

Use your mornings wisely; wake up an hour earlier, mediate, read a chapter in a book, journal, work out and plan the day ahead. Almost every successful person has a successful morning routine; create a routine that will help you reach your goals, and that will make you want to jump out of bed each morning. Write things down; it’s much easier to stay organised when you have everything on a piece of paper. Our minds are usually full of unnecessary thoughts, therefore it’s easy to get distracted, and to forget about what needs to be done if you try to keep everything inside your head. A daily planner is your new best friend – invest in one!

Work smarter, not harder.

Plan your day with the following questions in mind; What are the most important things that needs to be done today? What can I save for later? Are there tasks I can delegate? Be effective; first things first. Usually we are more productive and alert in the mornings; use the early hours to check off the most crucial tasks on your to-do-list. You’ll feel more effective and proud of yourself if you’ve done the most important to-do’s before lunch-time. Focus on one task at a time, and give it your fullest attention.

Ban social media while working.

Turn off the notifications so you won’t be disturbed. If you wish to be more productive while working you need to do this; otherwise you’ll be disturbed every time your phone makes noises. There’s really no reason why you should be checking your Facebook feed every ten minutes; if you’re not working with social media that is. Focus on your task at hand, focus on your studies, then when you’re finished you can do whatever you like. The same goes with your email; you don’t have to check it every half an hour – make it a a habit to check it twice a day and schedule time to answer your emails.

Take care of yourself.

You’ve to rest your body, mind & soul in order to function properly. Take time to unwind after work, and if you’ve the possibility – take the weekend off. Feed your body healthy and nutritious foods, move your body, read books, spend time with friends & family, meditate and enjoy nature – things that will help you recharge and boost your productivity. Your body is your temple, and it needs your unconditional love. Take care of yourself, and stop worrying about what others think.


I wish you all a productive & successful fall!


Not worthy of comparison

”dear self, you’re exactly who you need to be right now.”


August 27, 2018
Day 240 of 365

Your life is beautiful. Unfiltered, raw and beautiful. Dear human, take time to appreciate every chance you get to breathe in the mysteries of life. The dark, deep mysteries of nature. Embrace the softness in the air, the fresh ocean breeze, the steep mountain tops. Darling, embrace yourself.

Darling, even the Moon shines its brightest during darkness.

The path you’ve been travelling, to get to where you are right now, is yours. Your life is not comparable to anyone else’s, just as your Self can’t be compared to any other human being’s Self. Instead, focus on honoring your uniqueness.

Don’t let fear stop you from living life to its fullest. Don’t let fear stop you from being you.

”Comparison is the death of creativity. The death of your Self.”

It’s rather common to obsess about other people’s lives, other people’s success stories, that you completely forget about your own possibilities to succeed. Within seconds you can lose yourself to this fast-paced society where you feel you need to have everything at once – and if you haven’t accomplished certain things at a certain age you’ve failed miserably, or at least so you think. This mindset is detrimental to your wellbeing, and makes it nearly impossible for you to show appreciation to what you have in this moment. If you live your life constantly searching for more all the time it will be a never ending journey of dissatisfaction. Your life is already filled with wonderful things, but when your mind is occupied by thoughts of having more, and wanting more, it can be hard to notice them. Blinded by the light of others, you fail to see your own light.

How come it’s so difficult to notice one’s own possibilities, one’s own beauty?

I encourage you to see your own unique light that rest within. The one that brightens up the space you’re in. Relax into your being, and focus on what matters to you. Be so captivated by your own purpose that you won’t be distracted by comparison. Respect your Self. Strive to always better yourself – be better than you were yesterday. Know that you have so much to offer to this world. There are people waiting for you to share your talents. You have something no one else got.

Why try to be someone else, when you can be you?

Believe that everything you need is already here, deeply rooted within you. Never forget how wildy capable you are to achieve all those things you want out of life. The magical universe has your back – understand that life works for you, not against you. Whatever it decide to throw at you, it’s for your highest good. You can’t always control what happens in your life, but you can control your reaction to what happens. You not only have the power; you are the power.

Rest assured, all is well in your life. You’re exactly who you need to be right now.

Honor your life. Honor your pace.


The Law of Attraction

”I have the power to create my own reality.”

What you send out into the universe – your thoughts, feelings, words – you attract into your life. Using positive thinking, abundant thinking, visualization and setting intentions are great things in order to start creating the life you want. It’s all about shifting your focus. Shifting your perspectives. Like turning a negative day into a great day. It all starts with you. 

However, it’s not enough to simply write or speak about the things you want in life. You have to believe, in order to receive. If you don’t believe in yourself and all that you’re capable of, nothing much will grow out of it. What is more you’ll have to begin to take inspired action, daily. It’s not enough to simply sit on the coach, listening to inspirational podcasts or visualising dreams and goals coming through (I’m sure guilty of that!)

”Bring your thoughts to a higher level.”

In order for the magic to start flowing into your life you’ve to take action. Action, my dear. ACTION. It may be scary at first, trust me I know – fear is for sure a sneaky bastard, always visiting without any invitation what so ever. How rude. Often when you find yourself confused, not knowing what direction to take, it’s usually fear that gets in the way.

See it for what it is – fear. A feeling of anxiety, a feeling of being judged by others, a feeling of not being good enough.

Breathe it in, feel it. Don’t run away from it. Confront it. Stand tall and get ready to fight. Fight for your truth. Fight for you. Don’t let fear stop you from chasing your dreams. You know better than that. You’re stronger than that. You’re stronger than fear. Don’t you ever forget.

”Your thoughts are powerful.”

Everything has energy; our thoughts have energy, our perspectives have energy, how we interact with the world around us creates energy. You can change your perspectives right in this split second based on your thoughts.

This won’t, however, happen over night. You’re allowed to have bad days, days when you feel like crap and all you want to do is to feel sorry for yourself. Accept these feelings, but know that you are not your feelings, you simply experience these feelings. Nonetheless, as soon as it gets too intense – the second you feel that you’re not the one in charge – know that you’ve the power to change things around. It’s time to take your power back. You choose if you want a negative situation to impact your entire day, your entire life even. It’s completely up to you.

Sometimes life messes with us in ways we never thought were possible; life can put whatever obstacle right in front of you, nevertheless, it’s how you decide to look at this obstacle that will determine your willpower and success. Life won’t give you anything you aren’t ready for. It will challenge you in order for you to grow and to become the person you’re meant to become.


One baby step at a time


  • Use positive affirmations to replace negative limiting beliefs.

Whenever you find yourself talking down on yourself – as soon as you become aware – replace the negative thoughts to positive affirmations. I AM is a powerful way to start a sentence. I am whatever I set my mind to.

  • Make feeling good a priority.

Do things that make you feel content, and at ease with yourself and your life. Take time everyday to listen within, listen to your soul. What does it tell you? What does it want? Prioritize your health and your wellbeing. Make yourself a priority. In order to show affection and compassion to others you’ll have to start showing it to yourself. Never neglect your true Self.

  • Love yourself and know that you are worthy of what you want.

Love thyself. Every. Beautiful. Day.

  • Be in stillness & awaken your intuition. 

You’ll have to quit the mind in order to hear beneath the noise. Within the silence you’ll find the truth, it’s where you’ll find the presence and the essence of life. To be able to find the stillness within a busy world, is to be able to find the meaning of life. The meaning of who you are.


Affirmations that will change your life



Everything is happening for me not to me.

The universe has my best interest at heart.

I am powerful, strong and confident.

It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day.

I choose to see with love.

Happiness is a choice.

Everything I am looking for is already within me.

My life is filled with blessings, love and kindness.

Money flows effortlessly and easily to me.

I am full of life.

I do everything with great success.

I am creative, curious and courageous.

Love will always shine brighter than fear.

My body is strong, healthy and alive.

I nourish myself every day with wholesome foods that provide my body with healthy energy.

I am mindful in this present moment.  

I am love.



Unwind & rejuvenate

”Relax. My darling, unwind. Be patient and stay alert. You’re coming home. To yourself.”


Sunrise over a new day. Summer, you’re coming to an end. Fall, I welcome your gentle, peaceful breeze. Now I can finally hear the whispers in the wind. The clouds lay heavy, the rain is light. A new dawn burning bright. Lighting candles with my flaming heart. In between seasons, we are. What better time, than now, for a restart.

Oh summer dear, I sense your last days are here. It’s time to unwind, and get ready for fall. Although I’ve experienced lazy, hot & humid summer days I’ve also been working a lot. These past three months have been busy and my body craves rest. It needs fuel. It needs love. However, the last couple of days have been a real self-care retreat, filled with self-love, healthy plant based foods, yoga, meditation, reflections and sweaty workouts.

With that being said, below you’ll find some tips & tricks on how to recharge your soul. How to feel all sparkly, and good about yourself again, when you feel unmotivated and ready to crawl back to bed.

Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, even you.


”Temporarily closed for spiritual maintenance.”


I love my yoga. I love my meditation. I love my books. I love spending time alone, getting to know myself on a deeper level. I love to soak up the present moment, listen to my heartbeat, the sound of the waves, the whispers in the wind. I love to write. Recharging, and allowing myself to be me, with all my flaws and imperfections. Checking-in on what I’m working towards, and what I’m working on in my mind right now. Slowing down, and taking it all in. Being aware, and listening within.

Write down your thoughts, your reflections and those things you wish to accomplish. Put them on a piece of paper and witness how they transform into reality.


”yesterday. NOW. tomorrow.”


Just cause you’re breathing, doesn’t mean you’re alive.

Be here. Now.

”Be a better you, for you.”


Work on yourself, every day. Strive to always do your best; and remember your best today might not be your best tomorrow. Life can be a real battlefield at times; things will happen that you didn’t prepare for, nonetheless, try to stay open-minded and positive in order for creative solutions to arise.

Do it for you, not for anyone else. You do your thing. What do you fancy? What makes you happy? Do that, and do it for you ❤


”Stillness speaks.”


Light a candle and just sit for a while. Let the stillness speak. Be aware of the silence, of what’s happening within you. Relax, and let go of your worries; yesterday’s sorrows and tomorrow’s to-do’s. Count your breath. Count your blessings. Learn to appreciate the moments when you’re doing absolutely nothing. If you listen carefully you’ll hear those whispers from deep within. Don’t ignore them. Pay attention, and take it all in.


”It’s okay to not be okay all the time.”


Every now and then you have to unplug, turn the airplane mode on, have ice cream and allow those negative feelings to gently (or not so gently…) flow through you. Don’t resist them, however, don’t get caught up in them. Let them pass by like clouds on a sunny day. Feel whatever you need to feel, and then let it all go. It’s okay to not be okay all the time. Feelings are temporarily. This too shall pass.


”Stay alert and listen to your body. Rest when tired. Awaken with a new heart, with a new passion burning within.”