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Kale Smoothie

‘Don’t let the colour fool you. A green smoothie a day and you’ll become Wonder Woman.’ _____________ Linda I got the chance to make this lovely green smoothie today, just before my blender decided it was time to say goodbye. Oh well, we have had good times, many delicious and nutritious smoothies she have made. The taste is very ‘green garden’, but the banana gives a nice sweetness to it. Try adding almond butter in your kale smoothies. The perfect combination. A green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away.  Kale made me do it Ingredients: A handful kale A handful baby spinach 1 frozen banana 1 tbsp almond butter Plant-based milk 1 tsp chlorella powder Vanilla powder Instructions: Mix the ingredients in your blender until creamy. Pour into a bowl & decorate with granola, berries or nuts.   Annonser

Thursday brunch

‘Stop dancing in a daydream while the sky is full of stars.’ ___________________________________________________ Linda Quiet mornings. Calm sea and freshly brewed coffee. Enjoying the late summer heat while preparing brunch. The beauty of holidays; one have time to enjoy a long brunch on a Thursday. All about simplicity though, fresh food that is easy to prepare. Easy to love. I have a weakness for food with a taste of crispiness, creaminess and comfortness. Quiet mornings turning into productive afternoons.  Thursday brunch Avocado toast with fresh coriander, sesame seeds & baby tomatoes Simple to make and so very delicious. Crispy bread, creamy avocado and fresh coriander = best combo ❤ I can’t have enough. Gluten free bread (toasted) Mashed avocado with himalaya salt & black pepper Heaps of fresh coriander Black and white sesame seeds Baby tomatoes   Vanilla Strawberry Smoothie with Toasted Pecans & Raspberries A creamy smoothie with strawberries, with a taste as good as ice cream. Magic in a bowl. Frozen banana Strawberries Oatley milk Vanilla powder Pecans + a sneaky hint of …

Strawberry Smoothie Bowl

‘I believe the sun will rise every morning, I believe it will set every night. How can there not be magic with a nature so magical?’ ___________________________________________________ Linda   This delicious smoothie bowl is jam-packed with vitamin C. Topped with all kinds of goodies such as pecan nuts, chewy rawbites, raspberries and sea buckthorn. A perfect pick-me-up. The taste of sea buckthorn is quite tart, like sour orange, which makes it a nice compliment to a sweeter smoothie. Looking at this smoothie and it makes me think of autumn – fresh, crisp morning vibes. Strawberry Smoothie bowl Ingredients: 1 frozen banana A handful of strawberries 2 tsp almond butter 2 tsp maca powder 2 tsp chia seeds 2 tbsp oat flakes Oatley milk  + vanilla powder Instructions: Place the ingredients in a blender and mix until creamy. Always add the liquid first. Less liquid will make for a thicker smoothie, while more liquid will give you a thinner drink. I prefer my smoothies to be on the thicker side, eating them with a spoon. Top …

5 benefits from drinking green smoothies

‘Let’s wake up with a smile, make green smoothies and conquer the day.’   Whenever I’m at home I try to have a green smoothie as the first meal of the day. I’ve become slightly addicted to them as they provide me with so much energy. And of course they taste delicious. However, I like my green smoothies to be more on the sweet side, hence I always mix frozen banana or frozen mango into the blender. Not to forget the almond butter or peanut butter. The best thing is – you can be creative and improvise. Combine your favourite veggies and/or fruits, some kind of superfood and spices, nuts & seeds, dairy free milk of your own choice and you have yourself a delicious meal. I also prefer cold smoothies so I usually add frozen banana. Amazingly yummy. More energy – Smoothies can be very energy dense, providing your body with loads of healthy stuff. Perfect if you’re searching for a calorie dense meal – add some kind of nut butter (almond butter is …

Chocolate Smoothie & Sunday Thoughts

”It’s like having chocolate mousse cake for breakfast! – It’s just that it tastes way better.”   Exactly. Like having dessert for breakfast. This thick & creamy chocolate, maca smoothie with a hint of turmeric is the perfect brekkie while PMS:ing 😉 (Maca is perfect for balancing hormones. And mine are all over the place right now…) However, this smoothie is absolutely divine. The bitter taste of turmeric and cacao & the sweetness of banana and dates marry well together. Not to mention, the caramel flavour of maca. This nutrient dense smoothie bowl is a flavour explosion for sure! My soul is so very grateful. Remember – when your body is hungry, it wants nutrients, not calories. Feed your body. ”Let’s pay the farmer, not the pharmacist.” – Paul Coletta, CEO Urban Remedy Chocolate smoothie bowl Ingredients: 1 frozen banana 2 tbsp vegan protein powder (raw cacao +maca flavour) 1 tsp turmeric 2 tsp peanutbutter 1 medjool date 2 tbsp Alpro soya Go On (creamy dairy free quark) A hint of almond milk + Ice  Instructions: …

Pancakes for breakfast

”Feed your soul. Have pancakes.” __________________________________________________ linda Today I felt like having pancakes. So pancakes I had. The child in me is jumping of joy at the smell of pancakes. Topped with all kinds of good stuff; berries, coconut sugar, dairy free yoghurt, chocolate hazelnut spread. Whatever you prefer! Oh my, my love for pancakes is unreal. If you prefer 100 % plant based pancakes you can mix 1 tbsp chia seed with approx. 3 tbsp water. Allow to sit for 10 minutes, or until it takes on a gooey mixture. Equivalent to one egg. Ingredients: (roughly estimated for one person) 1 mashed banana 1 egg approx. 0.5 dl oat flour 1/2 tsp baking powder A hint of almond milk Season with cardamom, cinnamon & vanilla powder Instructions: In a big bowl mash the banana. Add the rest of the ingredients and stir together. In a frying pan melt coconut oil. Fry on medium heat until golden brown. Enjoy with fresh berries, soy yoghurt & nuts. (I went through some old photos, since I was in …

Green smoothies

”Be calm and have a green smoothie.” Green is my favourite colour when it comes to food, as well as smoothies. Greens + Smoothie = Perfect match. I love the mix of kale and almond butter. The best. Since I prefer a sweet taste I always blend together fruits and veggies. I’m not a hard core vegetable juice drinker. At least not when I’m the chef. You might find me buying a green vegetable juice once or twice a year 😉 With that being said, below you’ll find three of my favourite green smoothies. Oh I almost forgot – I like adding some kind of vegan protein into my smoothies. Just to keep me satisfied and fuller for longer. Not to mention the almond butter. Oh well, the struggles of having a big appetite. MANGO & KALE SMOOTHIE WITH ALMOND BUTTER SPIRULINA DREAM   GREENLICIOUS SMOOTHIE

Pecan & Coconut Granola with creamy blueberry smoothie

Home made granola ❤ My fav! I love the smell of cinnamon and cardamom, almost like I would be baking cinnamon buns (fooling the brain 😉 ) Just mix all of your favourites together, bake in the oven and voilá you have yourself a delicious weekend breakfast. I was actually searching for a granola in the food store earlier today but didn’t find any that attracted my attention. Anyhow, I don’t mind since I know how easy it is to make my own. Adding coconut chips and medjool dates was such a splendid idea. Perfect post-workout-meal. Pecan & Coconut Granola Ingredients: 5 dl gluten free oats 1 dl pumpkin seeds 1.5 dl pecans 0.75 dl melted coconut oil 0.5 dl water 0.5 -1 dl agave (you can also use for example coconut sugar or honey) A hint of cinnamon & cardamom + Natural coconut chips & chopped medjool dates Instructions: Preheat oven to 150 degrees celcius. Melt the coconut oil in a pan on low heat. Add water and sweetener. In a large mixing bowl, …

Smoothies – all day every day

I’m a huge fan of smoothies, although it’s been a while since I had one. I usually prefer having a warm breakfast when it’s colder outside, such as oats or egg & avocado on toast. However, the great thing about smoothies is that you can put whatever you like into your blender and voilá you have yourself a delicious meal – for breakfast, as a pick-me-up-snack, a lighter lunch option or as an evening treat. Here are a couple of my favourites, the list can be made much longer though… My top 5 smoothie recipes   POST-WORKOUT SMOOTHIE DRINK YOUR GREENS RAW CACAO SMOOTHIE SPIRULINA DREAM CREAMY BLACKBERRIE CHIA SMOOTHIE Have a nice week! /Linda

Wake up happy

The best way to kick-start a cold and chilly autumn day (or any other day for that matter) is to enjoy a healthy and nourishing breakfast. Choose wholesome, clean and nutrient dense food that will keep you satisfied and fuller for longer. Fill your plate with colourful and antioxidant rich food that help fight disease such as blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, nuts and dark green veggies. Coffee is my number one drink on the breakfast table but in order to give your immune system an extra boost choose a cup of green tea or herbal tea with lemon and ginger. WAKE UP HAPPY BREAKFAST MENU (Pick your favourite 😉) Omelette with baby spinach and kale & berries on the side Quinoa vanilla & cinnamon porridge with almond milk Banana oat pancakes Green smoothie bowls Home made granola with cashew milk Avocado toast  Chocolate protein smoothie