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Golden mylk

‘Anything’s possible if you’ve got enough nerve.’ ___________ J.K. Rowling   A lovely anti-inflammatory drink that soothes your soul. A hug in a mug. A cup a day and hopefully my flue goes away. Some health benefits from turmeric and curcumin; boosts immunity, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, promotes digestive health and lowers triglycerides. For more proven health benefits of turmeric read this. Now I will rest this tired body of mine. Sleep – the best self-healing while suffering from a cold and flue. My favourite drink this season ❤ Golden mylk Ingredients: Plant-based milk Turmeric Cinnamon Vanilla powder Black pepper Coconut oil Raw honey + sprinkle some love on top Instructions: Gently heat the milk in a pot on medium heat. Add the spices and whisk until blended. Pour into a mug and add a teaspoon of raw honey. Enjoy with a couple of pieces of dark, vegan chocolate. Annonser

Peanut Butter Smoothie

‘Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait without anxiety.’   – Gabrielle Bernstein   This is as close to heaven in a bowl you’ll get. I have a flue going on so tucking into this beauty brightens the day. Who can say no to a chocolate smoothie this divine? I know I can’t. I have a newfound love for chocolate & tahini combos. They marry very well together ❤ Not to mention the peanut butter. Oh yes! And the tiny hint of turmeric to spice things up (might even go for some cayenne pepper next time…) Salty Peanut Butter Chocolate Smoothie This smoothie is insanely good. If you love anything salty and utterly peanut butterly this one is for you. Perfect as a post-workout snack or when you crave something sweet & naughty, but want something that’s actually good for your body. Mix it baby, mix it. Ingredients: 1 frozen banana A naughty spoon of peanut butter 1 tbsp raw cacao 1/2 tsp tahini Plant-based milk 2 tsp maca …

food & other stories

‘I will talk to you words of honey.’   – Linda   About four years ago I started my blog CleanEatingbyLinda. It all began as a final project while I was studying media-production & journalism at the university in Stockholm. My vision was to offer gluten and dairy free recipes, as well as refined sugar free desserts. The site, as well as myself, has both grown and developed quite a lot since. Even if I haven’t been updating regularly during these four years, neglected it for longer periods of time, I’ve always thought of it as my precious baby. But, it’s not a baby anymore… Although CleanEatingbyLinda is evolving, growing up, the main purpose will always be the same as from the very beginning;  A wish to inspire to a healthful and holistic lifestyle. However, the CleanEatingbyLinda of today is going beyond eating clean. It’s about awareness. It’s about feeding the body, as well as the mind & soul. It’s about passion. It’s about listening to your own, unique body. It’s about writing and following dreams. It’s …

Green smoothie & raw chocolate

This smoothie is deliciously green, filled with spirulina, kale and spinach. Topped with crunchy blueberry cardamom granola and raw vegan chocolate from Loving Earth. A healthy treat indeed. I never thought that I would call a green smoothie a treat, but from now on I do. Who thought that greens and chocolate would complement each other so well. I guess opposites attract. It’s great to add some kind of healthy fat, like linseed oil, to your smoothies. Fat makes it a little bit easier for the the body to absorb all the lovely nutrients. We like that don’t we?! Green Smoothie Ingredients: A mix of frozen banana, kale and mango 2 dl tigernut milk A large handful fresh baby spinach 1-2 tsp spirulina 1 tsp linseed oil 1 medjool date Instructions: I think you know by now how to make yourself a smoothie – Just throw all them lovely foods into your blender and MIX! Pour into a jar and decorate with all kinds of yumminess.