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Vegan Ginger Bread Sugar Cookies

”Christmas (noun) = The only time of the year one can sit in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of socks.”   It was December – the month of early sunsets, soft pillows, big sweaters, warm tea and long talks beside the fire. Snow flakes were soundlessly falling down from heaven, filling hearts with desire. Magic. No one could hear it, but everyone could feel it. They believed it. Life didn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. They knew life was for deep kisses, late night conversations, strange adventures, midnight walks, spreading kindness and enjoying the little things like freshly baked cookies. Lights were brighter, snow was whiter, sweaters were bigger, books were thicker, kissing was nicer, hearts were closer, people were softer. It was December – the month when the nights were crisp, and all they were wishing for was peace.    (Update: Oups, I noticed I forgot to write sugar in the recipe. I used approx. 1.5 dl coconut sugar.) ❤ Linda Annonser

Kale Smoothie

‘Don’t let the colour fool you. A green smoothie a day and you’ll become Wonder Woman.’   Linda I got the chance to make this lovely green smoothie today, just before my blender decided it was time to say goodbye. Oh well, we have had good times, many delicious and nutritious smoothies she have made. The taste is very ‘green garden’, but the banana gives a nice sweetness to it. Try adding almond butter in your kale smoothies. The perfect combination. A green smoothie a day keeps the doctor away.  Kale made me do it Ingredients: A handful kale A handful baby spinach 1 frozen banana 1 tbsp almond butter Plant-based milk 1 tsp chlorella powder Vanilla powder Instructions: Mix the ingredients in your blender until creamy. Pour into a bowl & decorate with granola, berries or nuts.  

Green smoothie & raw chocolate

This smoothie is deliciously green, filled with spirulina, kale and spinach. Topped with crunchy blueberry cardamom granola and raw vegan chocolate from Loving Earth. A healthy treat indeed. I never thought that I would call a green smoothie a treat, but from now on I do. Who thought that greens and chocolate would complement each other so well. I guess opposites attract. It’s great to add some kind of healthy fat, like linseed oil, to your smoothies. Fat makes it a little bit easier for the the body to absorb all the lovely nutrients. We like that don’t we?! Green Smoothie Ingredients: A mix of frozen banana, kale and mango 2 dl tigernut milk A large handful fresh baby spinach 1-2 tsp spirulina 1 tsp linseed oil 1 medjool date Instructions: I think you know by now how to make yourself a smoothie – Just throw all them lovely foods into your blender and MIX! Pour into a jar and decorate with all kinds of yumminess.

Post workout smoothie

Raw cacao + Maca = A perfect match This chocolate protein smoothie is my favourite at the moment. There’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of chocolate and this beauty satisfies my sweet tooth. Sipping on this delicious smoothie makes the day a little better. And yes, the perfect recovery for my tired muscles post leg session. I used a vegan protein blend that I bought from a health food store here in Budapest (rice & pea protein with raw cacao and Maca). But you can of course just as well use raw cacao powder and Maca powder. Benefits of Maca root; Maca has a positive effect on hormone balance and energy levels. The root is well known to help with hormone balance that often contributes to improving the symptoms of PMS and Menopause. Historically it has been considered a very potent aphrodisiac and a traditional fertility secret of populations living in the Andes. Maca has a relatively high amount of absorbable plant-based nutrients, including protein, fiber, Calcium, Potassium, Copper, Zink, Iron, Selenium and Magnesium, …

Weekend treats

”Keep it clean, eat your greens and don’t be mean in 2017.” (And remember to treat yourself once in a while) Weekends are for delicious treats. Relaxation. Sweaty workouts. Reading books. Enjoying nature. And simply appreciating the stillness. Below you’ll find a few of my favourite treats. Granola bars I’m a granola junkie so it’s quite understandable that these chocolate granola bars are my favourite. They are dangerously good. I can’t even think about making them if I’m home alone since I would easily eat them all in one day. I bet all family members will love them! Strawberry tartelette So cute. So yummie. And so easy to make. You probably won’t find fresh strawberries at the moment but you can use any kind of berries. Love the chocolate & hazelnut spread on top. The best combo! Strawberry & macadamia ice cream Of  all nuts macadamia has to be one of my favourites. But why so expensive!? Oh well, this ice cream tastes marvellous. It would probably go pretty well with a warm piece of …

Better than candy

Sweets for my sweets sugar for my honey. I love the taste of sweet foods! However, I stay away from refined sugars and choose to indulge in fruits, berries, dates, coconut sugar and raw chocolate instead. And why wouldn’t I? Those healthier options taste so much better. Healthy energy that keeps my body going. Here are some of my favourites satisfying that sweet tooth of mine. Unsweetened almond butter & Apple slices Home made granola & Granola bars Banana pancakes Raw cacao smoothie Raw food cakes & treats Home made ice cream Acai bowls… With a list like this who needs candy anyway?! Nature has a lot of goodies to offer. Goodies that not only taste might fine but are also filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Eat better not less.  

Favourite Pre & Post Workout meals

In order to get the most out of your workout and for maximizing post workout recovery it’s crucial that you fuel your body both before and after your workout. Choose healthy foods that provide the body with vital energy; high quality proteins, complex carbs, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. Always grab something directly after your workout and eat a nutritious and balanced meal (lunch or dinner) within 1-2 hours post workout. Below you’ll find a few of my favourite snacks. The snacks below are, as a matter of fact, suitable either before or after a workout. Pre workout snacks Rice cake + almond butter + half a banana sliced on top Peanut butter + one apple Homemade trail mix with unsalted cashew nuts, almonds, pecan nuts, goji berries, dried cranberries, dried apricots and coconut flakes Medjool dates + almond butter Home made Blueberry Flap jacks Green Smoothie Post workout snacks Chocolate protein smoothie Rice cake + almond butter + half a banana sliced on top (Simply because it’s so delicious) Acai bowl with granola (If I …

Healthy snacking ideas

Let’s face it – I’m a snacker. I love to snack. As soon as I sit in front of the computer my snacker gene starts going bananas. I prefer snacking on healthy options though. Foods that keep my blood sugar level stable and doesn’t force me to go and buy new pants every month. Here I list my favourite snacks at the moment, some of which are easy to grab with you before you leave for work or school in the morning. An apple and almond butter (5-15 g of nut butter depending on how active you’re during the day). Protein smoothie (recipe you’ll find here; Chocolate Protein Smoothie ) The perfect pre or post-workout smoothie. Fresh blueberries & Raspberries with roasted pistachio nuts. Dates & Peanut butter (For those days when you’re craving something extra sweet). Carrots,cucumber & selleri with homemade hummus (make your own hummus since the one you find in the stores usually are packed with way too much oil and additives). Easy peasy healthy hummus: Blend chick peas with loads of coriander, fresh …

Post-workout smoothie

Enjoy this delicious chocolate protein smoothie after a sweaty morning run, yoga or gym session.   It will fuel your body and provide you with well needed energy – the pea protein will make you feel fuller for longer. It’s thick, creamy and oh so tasty. A tip: Use frozen bananas and plenty of ice in your smoothies – it will make your smoothie even thicker, creamy and ice cold. Almost like a milkshake. A healthy milkshake that is 😉   Post-workout smoothie Chocolate Protein Smoothie Ingredients: 1 frozen banana 1 tbsp raw cacao powder 1 tbsp almond butter 1-2 dl almond milk/rice milk 1 scoop of pea protein 1 scoop of glutamine A hint of vanilla powder + Plenty of ice Instructions: Place all ingredients in your blender and mix for a couple of minutes. If you put more ice and less milk it’s going to be really fluffy and thick. So, so delish! Pour into a smoothie jar and enjoy. Glutamine is an amino acid found in your muscles. It’s one of the …

Blueberry Flap Jacks

These flap jacks are amazing. A bit chewy, soft and ridiculously tasty. The most perfect post-workout snack  or simply when you fancy something extra sweet. They are super quick and easy to make and will for sure satisfy even the pickiest person. I have the biggest sweet-tooth. While I stay away from refined sugars I rather indulge in bananas, dates, coconut sugar, lucuma and honey. There’s so many healthier options to white sugar these days. But remember, although it’s a healthier option, enjoy in moderation. The key to a balanced lifestyle – don’t deprive yourself, stay active and everything in moderation. After my workout this morning they sure tasted mighty fine. I do hope I can freeze them for later since I cannot eat the whole batch by myself. Blueberry Flap Jacks Ingredients: 2 ripe bananas 2 tbsp unsweetened almond butter 3 tbsp coconut oil 2 tbsp coconut sugar 5 dl gluten free oats A hint of vanilla powder & cinnamon 0.5 dl fresh blueberries or raspberries Instructions: Preheat oven to 180 degrees celcius. Line a square tin …