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Green smoothie & raw chocolate

This smoothie is deliciously green, filled with spirulina, kale and spinach. Topped with crunchy blueberry cardamom granola and raw vegan chocolate from Loving Earth. A healthy treat indeed. I never thought that I would call a green smoothie a treat, but from now on I do. Who thought that greens and chocolate would complement each other so well. I guess opposites attract. It’s great to add some kind of healthy fat, like linseed oil, to your smoothies. Fat makes it a little bit easier for the the body to absorb all the lovely nutrients. We like that don’t we?! Green Smoothie Ingredients: A mix of frozen banana, kale and mango 2 dl tigernut milk A large handful fresh baby spinach 1-2 tsp spirulina 1 tsp linseed oil 1 medjool date Instructions: I think you know by now how to make yourself a smoothie – Just throw all them lovely foods into your blender and MIX! Pour into a jar and decorate with all kinds of yumminess. Annonser

Better than candy

Sweets for my sweets sugar for my honey. I love the taste of sweet foods! However, I stay away from refined sugars and choose to indulge in fruits, berries, dates, coconut sugar and raw chocolate instead. And why wouldn’t I? Those healthier options taste so much better. Healthy energy that keeps my body going. Here are some of my favourites satisfying that sweet tooth of mine. Unsweetened almond butter & Apple slices Home made granola & Granola bars Banana pancakes Raw cacao smoothie Raw food cakes & treats Home made ice cream Acai bowls… With a list like this who needs candy anyway?! Nature has a lot of goodies to offer. Goodies that not only taste might fine but are also filled with vitamins and antioxidants. Eat better not less.  

Healthy snacking ideas

Let’s face it – I’m a snacker. I love to snack. As soon as I sit in front of the computer my snacker gene starts going bananas. I prefer snacking on healthy options though. Foods that keep my blood sugar level stable and doesn’t force me to go and buy new pants every month. Here I list my favourite snacks at the moment, some of which are easy to grab with you before you leave for work or school in the morning. An apple and almond butter (5-15 g of nut butter depending on how active you’re during the day). Protein smoothie (recipe you’ll find here; Chocolate Protein Smoothie ) The perfect pre or post-workout smoothie. Fresh blueberries & Raspberries with roasted pistachio nuts. Dates & Peanut butter (For those days when you’re craving something extra sweet). Carrots,cucumber & selleri with homemade hummus (make your own hummus since the one you find in the stores usually are packed with way too much oil and additives). Easy peasy healthy hummus: Blend chick peas with loads of coriander, fresh …

Healthy Sunday Snack

Some days I have the biggest sweet tooth. Like today. I decided not to indulge in chocolate but instead I made myself a delicious and creamy acai bowl. It tasted heavenly. The perfect post-workout snack. Woke up at 7 AM today! Way too early on a Sunday morning. However, I went for an one hour powerwalk and then one hour upper body session & stretching @ the gym. It’s probably the sunshine that makes me feel so energised. Or all the healthy foods 😉 A combination maybe. Recipe for a healthy life A good nights sleep, fresh air and a balanced diet with loads of green veggies. Love and exciting goals that makes you jump out of bed each morning. And an acai bowl every now and then.   Ingredients: 2 tbs acai powder 1 frozen banana (cut into pieces) 2 dl blueberries 2 tsp almond butter Natural and unsweetened soya yoghurt A hint of rice milk A hint of vanilla powder Instructions: Place the yummy ingredients in your blender and mix on full speed. Pour the …

Raw cacao & basil mousse

This chocolate mousse is the perfect healthy weekend dessert. Chocolate and basil! I didn’t realise they were such a great couple. I had a dream about chocolate and basil the other night. Yes I know, the foodie in me is talking. Dreaming about food. But it’s rather convenient to be planning recipes while sleeping, then I don’t need to do it while awake 😉 Perfect. You have to try this. Promise me that! Ingredients: 1 banana (you can also use a frozen banana) 4 dates 0.5 dl natural soy yoghurt OR approx. 4 tbs coconut cream 2 tsp almond butter 2 tbs raw cacao powder Chopped fresh basil A hint of vanilla powder 1 ice cube Instructions: 1. Place the banana, dates, soy yoghurt (coconut cream) and almond butter in a blender and mix until smooth and creamy. 2. Add the raw cacao powder, basil, vanilla powder and ice cube. Mix on full speed for a couple of minutes. 3. Pour the mousse into a glas, decorate with strawberries, cacao nibs and fresh basil. If you’re …

Easter candy

Healthy and delicate Easter candy. Cacao and goji are such a nice couple, and together with coffee they make a magnificent trio. These beauties are suitable for those who are allergic to nuts, gluten and milk. In addition they don’t contain any white sugar. You know, the Easter Bunny thinks of everyone. Coffee, cacao & goji bliss balls. Ingredients: (approx. 12 bliss balls) 2.5 dl gluten free oats 8 chopped dates 3 big tbs raw cacao powder 1 tbs goji powder 4-5 tbs coconut butter 3 tbs strong black coffee (preferable espresso) A hint of vanilla powder Instructions: 1. Place the ingredients in your blender or food processor and mix until combined. 2. If you’re blender doesn’t do the work you can put the mixture in a bowl and mix with a spoon or with your hands. 3. Form the mixture to small bliss balls and roll in raw cacao powder, shredded coconut, wheatgrass, goji powder or hemp seed. 4. Store in the fridge before serving. Have a wonderful Easter! /Linda

Healthy snack

The perfect snack Place following ingredients into your blender and mix on full speed: 1 avocado or one small frozen banana 1 dl fresh or frozen blueberries 100 g acai berry puree A handful of baby spinach 2 dl almond milk 2 tsp nut butter A hint of vanilla powder 1 tbs maca powder Eat with granola, berries, goji berries, nuts and seeds, or whatever your heart desires. Have a lovely Tuesday! /Linda

Chocolate mousse with cashew cream

En simpel och läcker choklad mousse med få ingredienser. Perfekt om man är sugen på något gott efter middagen, men vill undvika desserter sprängfyllda med socker. Både chokladmoussen och cashewgrädden kan användas som fyllning till raw food tårtor. Chokladmousse Ingredienser: (2-3 personer) 1 mogen avokado, 3 msk råkakao pulver, 1/2 tsk äkta vaniljpulver, 1 msk honung, 2 tsk nötsmör (mandel- eller hasselnötssmör) Mixa alla ingredienser med en stavmixer till en jämn och fluffig smet. Låt stå i kylen ett par timmar. Cashewgrädde Ingredienser: (2-3 personer) 1.5 dl blötlagda cashewnötter (blötlägg åtminstone fem timmar), saften från en lime, 1/2 tsk äkta vaniljpulver,1 msk kokosolja, 2 msk ekologisk honung Placera alla ingredienser i en mixer och mixa till en jämn och fluffig smet. De kan ta några minuter så ha tålamod. Mixa till en gräddliknande konsistens. Låt stå i kylen ett par timmar. Servera med rostade solroskärnor och lingon. A simple and delicious chocolate mousse with few ingredients. A perfect dessert if you want something sweet after dinner but want to keep away from desserts full of …

Watermelon & Mint drink

Det är viktigt att dricka nu när det är extra varmt ute, vilket är något man kanske inte alltid kommer ihåg. Ett tips är att fylla en kanna med vatten och sedan smaksätta med valfria bär, citron, lime, mynta etcetera. Här är iallafall en läskande, iskall dryck som du kan variera med. En riktig höjdare vill jag lova. Mynta + Vattenmelon = Sant. Du behöver: Vattenmelon Färska myntablad Isbitar Lite vatten/Kokosvatten Mixa och njut. Remember to hydrate during hot summer days. Always make sure you have a can filled with water in your refrigerator. Spice up the water with fresh berries, lemon, lime or mint, which will make it both easier to drink and more tasty. Here is a recipe for a watermelon and mint juice that tastes lovely and will hydrate you during those warm, hot and absolutely gorgeous summer days. Watermelon & Mint drink Watermelon Fresh mint Icecubes A hint of water/coconut water Mix it up and enjoy! Enjoy the Summer heat! //Linda  

Home made red berry jam

Att det var så enkelt att göra egen sylt visste jag inte. De där små chiafröna är då väldigt användbara! Inte bara nyttiga med andra ord. Fin, fina små rackare. Sylten passar perfekt till gröten, på brödet, till scones eller chiapudding. Du behöver: 3 dl frysta eller färska bär av valfri sort 0.5 dl vatten 2 msk chiafrön 2 msk kokossocker 2 krm kardemumma 1 tsk äkta vaniljpulver Om du använder dig av frysta bär – värm upp bären i en kastrull. Tillsätt de övriga ingredienserna och blanda. Låt stå ca 30 minuter så chiafröna sväller och sylten stelnar lite. Förvara i kylen. (Håller ca 3-4 dagar i kylen) Chiafrön kan du få tag på vid närmaste hälsokost, välsorterade matvaruaffärer eller på nätet.  Go for life är ett exempel på en hemsida med matnyttig information och en mängd hälsosamma produkter du kan köpa online. Där hittar du det mesta inom superfoods. It is ridiculously easy to make home made jam, thanks to chia seeds. This superfood is not only very very healthy, but very very …