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Small changes to healthier eating habits

”The food you eat can be either the safest & most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”   Big changes don’t happen overnight. They take time and effort. However, small changes, each and every day, can make a big difference since they eventually will have a big impact in your life. As your small changes become habit, you can continue to add even more healthy choices. The desire to change can happen overnight, though it can be overwhelming to tackle everything all at once. ”Change is hardest in the beginning, messiest in the middle, and gorgeous at the end.” – Robin Sharma  It’s the consistent process that makes the difference. Consistency is key to successful results. Although health shouldn’t be regarded as something that has an end. Healthy living is an ongoing process, it’s a way of living. Firstly, change the way you’re thinking – Instead of saying ”stop doing” say ”start doing”. It’s a more positive way of thinking. The focus should be on what you’re gaining instead of what …

Early mornings

I love early mornings. The sunrise. A healthy breakfast. Sleeping in. The smell of coffee. Warm Summer nights. Cuddles. I love Spring. Loud music in my ears. Running. Exploring a new city. The taste of coffee. People watching. Fresh flowers. The sunset. I love creating a new recipe. Writing. Lemon water. Taking photographs. The sound of the ocean. Puppies. Coconut ice cream. Working out. I love planning. Wearing a dress. My family. Acai bowls with loads of toppings. Making him laugh. Midnight sun. Ambitious people. I love his scent. Nature. The feeling of being free. Dancing. The smell of the forrest. Snowflakes pouring down. Capturing a moment. Taking a hot bath. I love early mornings.

Mitt Kök

När Mitt Kök kontaktade mig för en kortare intervju kunde jag ju inte annat än säga JA! Vem vill nu läsa om lilla jag, tänkte jag (En sådan typisk finsk mentalitet att tänka så). Alltid roligt när någon uppskattar och kanske rentav även inspireras av det man gör. Jag är medlem på Mitt Kök och brukar således lägga upp recept även där. Ifall någon är intresserad kan man läsa intervjun här på Mitt Kök. Mitt Kök är för övrigt fullspäckad med inspiration, härliga medlemmar och en mängd olika recept. Helt klart värt ett besök.   Ha en mysig torsdagskväll! /Linda